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Copy of Comunicazione 2.0

No description

ml zummo

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Comunicazione 2.0

Genres, MODES:
written/spoken/blending: new genre in CMC????

Public as participant;
rapidity of new modes usage;
politeness norms;
leave behind many of the rules of written standard E.

Riassumendo: lingua? stili!

world wide web
virtual world (dungeon)
chat rooms
instant messaging
social network (utube, fb)
mobile phone texting
How is the Internet changing language today?

Web 2.0 →
- informazioni low cost
- grandissima audience
- informazione veloce
- de-isolation

la gente ha la possibilità di scambare idee, conservarlee farle conoscere a tutti. la comunicazone 2.0 crea DIALOGO 'NEL' medium

What R U sayin
C U in 5 min
U miss me?
i'll be there by 7
2b to or not 2b
tht is th ?
txtng, the gr8 db8 >

Web 1.0
comunicazione unidirezionale,
no feedback.

Es. sito web
Communication 4.0
(Christoph Burgdorfer)

identità, cultura, soddisfazione di bisogni ....

amici, clienti, utenti ....

giornali, tv, radio, eventi, email, youtube ....

informazioni, emozioni,
Comunicazione in 4 passi importanti:
1) come scambio le idee? human language!
2) Le tradizioni orali si perdono. Come mantengo le informazioni?
3) Come comunicare rapidamente con tante persone?
4) MA libri, tv e radio sono a una direzione...
machine translation
emoticons, pictures ....
Vowel Omission: thks
Word-letter substitution: U must come!
Word-number substitution: 2mrw, I pray 4 you, need 2 go
Non-standard spelling: tonite, luv, shud;
Deletion of pronoun and auxiliaries: wish you....; am afraid, just landed
Apostrophe deletion: its, im (etc...)
'a txt msg pom'

his is r bunsn brnr bl %
his hair lyk fe filings
w/ac/dc going thru.
I sit by him in kemistry,
it splits my @oms
wen he :) @me.
His eyes are bunsen burner blue
his hair like iron filings
with ac/dc going through
I sit by hm in chemistry
it splits my atoms
when he smiles at me

90's > text messaging. linguistic disaster?
b, 2, lol, msg,
- difference bw emails, blogs, chats, tweets
- genres. this suggests a homogeneity (not yet established!)
- linguistical challenge: the speed of change
- anonimity (nicks, self-disclosure, troll)
- ethics: who owns the messages in my blogs? in my telephone? on my screen?
vocabulary: byte, mouse, software, blog, post, forum (different semantic frames!);
new words: celebritweets

ortography: exclamatory functions (!);
were on the train, ill ask him;
upper-case, asterisks, boldface: underlined or angry;
American and English standards in Globish;

lurking, flaming, spam
- is internet language different from that found in other mediums?
- internet language is spoken or written language?
- writing: space bound, static, permanent, editing.
- speech: spontaneity, speed, repetition and rephrasing, intonation and pauses; instant feedbacks
- internet: writing to speech or speech to writing?: simultaneous feedback in written contexts; emoticons, multiple conversations, links, persistence, multiple authorship (cultural dfferences), identity, participation, purpose, activities, tones,norms and codes.
- le nuove possibilità di internet
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