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My Father is a Simple Man

No description

kassidy bellew

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of My Father is a Simple Man

By; Luis Omar Salinas My Father is a Simple Man Luis Omar Salinas Born on June 24, 1937 in Robstown, Texas.
Salinas dropped out of college and supported his writing through most of his life by doing various jobs.
a leading Chicano poet who published a number of well-received collections of poetry, including the Crazy Gypsy, which has been described as "a classic of contemporary and Chicano poetry". Rythm and Rhyme: No rythm or rhyme in this poem,
therefore this a a narrative. My Father Is a Simple Man By; Luis Omar Salinas I walk to town with my father
to buy a newspaper. He walks slower
than I do so I must slow up.
The street is filled with children.
We argue about the price
of pomegranates, I convince
him it is the fruit of scholars.
He has taken me on this journey
and it's been lifelong.
He's sure I'll be healthy
so long as I eat more oranges,
and tells me the orange
has seeds and so is perpetual;
and we too will come back
like the orange trees.
I ask him what he thinks
about death and he says
he will gladly face it when
it comes but won't jump
out in front of a car.
I'd gladly give my life
for this man with a sixth
grade education, whose kindness
and patience are true . . .
The truth of it is, he's the scholar,
and when the bitter-hard reality
comes at me like a punishing
evil stranger, I can always
remember that here was a man
who was a worker and provider,
who learned the simple facts
in life and lived by them,
who held no pretense.
And when he leaves without
benefit of fanfare or applause
I shall have learned what little
there is about greatness. Biographical Facts By; Kassidy Bellew <3 Diction analysis Fanfare - A spectacular public display.
Scholar - A learned person or a specialist in a given branch of knowledge.
Perpetual - Lasting for eternity.
Pretence - The act of pretending; a false appearance or action intended to deceive.
Bitter-hard - shocking, cold or unusual. Figurtive Language: He's sure I'll be healthyso long as I eat more oranges...
...and we too will come back like the orange trees.
The truth of it is, he's the scholar,and when the bitter-hard reality comes at me like a punishing evil stranger,
Significance: Title:it talks about a journey with his father about a simple life so he called it My Father is a Simple Man.
Theme: a journey a father takes with his son teaching him about life then he dies.
Speaker and Tone:its was wrote in the diction of a 6th grader.
Importance: that his father has lived a good simple life and he teches his son to before he dies.
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