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Save Fred

No description

Shannon Spinner

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Save Fred

Save Fred
This is Fred.
Fred spent his summer boating
at the Lake of the Ozarks.
Fred's not too smart. After all,
the brains of worms are pretty small!
Fred never learned how to swim and he
never wears his life jacket.
The worst has happened! Fred's boat
has capsized and he's stuck! Luckily,
his life jacket is in the boat. Unluckily,
he doesn't know how to reach it without
falling off and drowning.
Can you and your partner save Fred?
Here's what you'll need:

* 4 Paper Clips
* 1 Gummy Life Preserver
* 1 Plastic Cup
* 1 Fred
Piece of cake, right?
Here are some rules to saving Fred:
Fred, the boat, and the life preserver can ONLY be
touched with the paper clips:
Fred cannot be injured by the paper clips. Please don't hurt him by stabbing him with a paper clip.
The life preserver must remain in one piece.
If Fred falls in the water, pick him up and start
over: he must not drown!
What worked for
you and your partner?
What obstacles did you and your partner run in to?

How did you and your
partner save Fred?
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