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Alvar Aalto

Finnish architect and designer

Jordan Miller

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto By Jordan Miller Dad- land surveyor
Mom- postmistress Born February 3, 1898
in Kuortane, Finland Inspiration Beginning Stylistic Influences Finnish architect and designer Who is this guy? Attended Jyväskylä Lyceum school then
Helsinki University of Technology Became an architect and married Aino Marsio Honeymoon in Italy Created a bond with that culture Personal Contacts with Swedish Pioneers Alvar's style was similar and was an influence on the start of what is now called Nordic Classicism style Alvar's first designs consisted of
single-family homes - classical style Middle His first public buildings, such as the Jyväskylä Workers' Club in 1925 and the Seinajoki Defence Corp building in 1924-29, won him entry into several architectural competitions Alvo began to shift from classicism to modernism After joining the Congres Internationaux d'Architecture Moderne, he was greatly influenced by modernists. Greatest works 1988 Aalto theater in Essen, Germany 1949-1966 Otaniemi Technical
University in Espoo, Finland 1949-1952 Saynatsalo Town Hall in Jyvaskyla, Finland 1962 Central-Building of the Satellite-city
"Neue Vahr" in Bremen, Germany 1958-1972 North Jutland Art Museum in Aalborg, Denmark 1924-1926 White Guards Headquarters
in Seinajoki, Finland 1923 The Terho Manor House in Toysa, Finland While Alvar designed many great buildings, some of them display better than others his uniqueness and evolution of style.
Death: 1976.
Alvar Aalto - modern architect with Finnish taste.
50-year career- many different styles and did not rely on industrialization.
He influenced the popularity Nordic modernism and won many awards for his work. Continued Aalto also designed a variety of functional yet tasteful furniture and household items that he became well known for. Aalto in front of the Finnish Pavillion, Venice, 1956. Photo: Isa Andrenius. 1947-1948 Baker House, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge MA (After her death he later married Elissa Mäkiniemi) Sources http://architect.architecture.sk/alvar-aalto-architect/alvar-aalto-architect.php http://www.alvaraalto.fi/aalto_architect_designer.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aalto%2C_Alvar End of Career 1932 Paimio Chair 1937 Savoy Vase 1937 Lounge Chair 1933-35 Birch High Chair 1929 Paimio Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Paimio, Finland 1960 Serving Cart - Tea Trolley 1933 Three legged stool 1953 Pendant Lamp 1936 Golden Bell pendant lamp
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