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Music of the Mangyan of Mindoro

No description

gian lyka liwanag

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Music of the Mangyan of Mindoro

is the only indigenous group living in Mindoro. it is composed of different sub-groups such as
Iraya, Tadyawan, Alangan
(Mangyan sub-groups from Oriental Mindoro)
Batangan, Buhid, and Hanunoo
(Mangyan sub-groups from South of Mindoro).
Types Of Vocal Music
- it is their own word for song
- is a genre of songs used to communicate with spirits in rituals for healing the sick and protecting the community by an indigenous group called Iraya-Mangyan.
-it is a legend which means "fear of water"
- is a chanted poem of seven lines, usually it is used by a young man to serenade a girl during courtship. But it really is a chanted poem.
The functions of their songs are for work, leisure, workship, and ritual.

For the Mangyans, music is a part of their ordinary and festive ocassions.
Musical Instruments
Bangsi (Flute)
It is a bamboo duct flute which has a chip glued on the tube of the flute.
Subing or Kinaban (Jaw's harp)
It is a bamboo jew's harp. You play it by putting your lips and plucking the slightly pointed end. It is also known as "kubing". Other indigenous groups such as T'boli, Ifugao, and Maranao also have their own version of subing.
Gitgit or Lute
It is a type of indigenous violin with three to four strings made of human hair.
Agong (Gong)
A gong is a set of two wide-rimmed, vertically suspended gongs also used by the Maguindanao, Maranau and Tausug people of the Philippines as a supportive instrument in kulintang ensemble.
Music of the Mangyan of Mindoro
Of course, these vocal songs are performed with musical instruments.
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