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Brainerd Dispatch & Echo Presentation

No description

Nikki Lyter

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of Brainerd Dispatch & Echo Presentation

Brainerd Dispatch and Echo Publishing proudly present...
Welcome to the Brainerd Lakes Area!
• Dispatch Products
• Echo Products
• Circulation
• Commercial Printing
• Distribution Agency
Our Market
We have five revenue streams under one roof
Our Employees are second to none
Brainerd Dispatch

We have multiple audiences with unprecedented reach
• Online
• E-Edition
• Print
• iPad
• Mobile
• Social Media
• Brainerd Dispatch - 84 Employees
• Echo Publishing - 16 Employees
• Dedicated Staff
• Cross-trained in multiple positions
• Working together towards one common goal
Commercial Printing & Production
Why did consolidation make sense now?
To make the Brainerd Market more profitable to reach our budget goals and make P&L
What needed to be done to complete the consolidation?
Months of planning
The physical move of equipment and personnel into the Brainerd office
Evaluating of staff and re-distributing duties
Cross-training of products
Marketing and editorial coverage of the consolidation.
What were the realized benefits of the consolidation?
• Cost savings vs. lost revenue (commercial printing)
Closing of Pine River building
Reducing staff at Pequot Lakes Building
Less utilities at both offices
We couldn't have made this change without upgrading our ability to be mobile through iPads, smart phones and hot spots etc.
Tremendous efforts have been made this year to change the way our Community views us.
Starting with....
We proved to the Chamber and to the community that we are the most effective media and the best partner for the event.
It started a snowball effect for other businesses and organizations wanting to partner with us.
Created a stir with the introduction of the Brainerd Dispatch iPad app
Introduced our staff and was the first co-branded effort of the Brainerd Dispatch and Echo Publishing together
Asked readers to tell us their opinion with our Readership Survey
Examples of our Community Involvement over the past year include:
• Brainerd Dispatch's 130th Anniversary
Taste of the Wild Partnership with the Northland Arboretum
• March Mayhem
• Tech and Tourism Summit
• New Recruitment Events
Virtual Veteran's Career Event
Career Exploration Day
Central Lakes College Job Fair
Veteran's Career Exploration Event
Brainerd Dispatch Career Drive
• Fourth of July parades in Pequot Lakes and Brainerd
• Relay for Life
...& more
Upcoming events
• Crow Wing County Fair
Another co-branded Dispatch/Echo Publishing event (August 2012)
• Business Solutions Seminar (October 2012)
New for 2012
Community Event Wraps
4 Full pages that used to be filled with random house ads
Now an affordable way for non-profits and businesses to get the word out about their event or fundraiser as well as a great marketing tool for us!
“If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.”
~ Anthony Robbins
So, we decided to shake things up a bit...
May 4, 2012 -
Brainerd Dispatch made its first
Top 10 on Newseum.com
What it was
What it's becoming
We are bridging the gap between print and digital
More changes that have been made based on Readership Survey Results:
Omission of Vox Pop from print edition
We are one of two sites Beta testing AP StyleGuard
We are educating our readers and local businesses
Echo Publishing's re-design plans for the future:
• Online video webcasts
• New website
• Readership survey
• Re-design print products
We find new ways to reach potential subscribers and keep a continual focus on EZ Pay
• In 2011 we focused on marketing our weekend packages
• In 2012 we are focusing on the great new product and we are picking up some subscribers because of the new editorial point of view
• In 2013 we will be focused on the all access plan, marketing the iPad app and e-Edition to snowbirds and digital natives
NIE is the best way to get students and their parents introduced to and interested in our products
In 2011-12 school year we developed a completely new NIE program using curriculum from NIE Online and a mix of our traditional and e-Edition newspapers
• Went from 0 to over 2000 student licenses by the end of the school year
• With the exception of one teacher, digital subscriptions were new additions to the program, allowing us to reach a wider audience
In 2012-13 school year we will focus on introducing the iPad edition into our NIE program
There are multiple school districts in our delivery area that provide iPads to students in several grade levels
Our agency delivery system produced more than $1,000,000 in revenue and over $210,000 of net profit in 2011
We deliver these paid single copy products:
New York Times
Star Tribune
USA Today
Pioneer Press
Brainerd Dispatch
Lake Country Echo
Pine River Journal
We make our single copy locations as visible as possible and maintain relationships with our vendors
We visited more than 150 of our retail partners this May and placed 52 new Dispatch shelf-talkers and two new racks. We are currently working with key C-store chains to develop a program to increase awareness about our new look.
We developed a new hotel program in 2011 to take advantage of the new ABC rules defining paid circulation. The program has grown this year in spite of new competition from the Star Tribune.
• Combined efficiencies and resources for both Dispatch and Echo Publishing staffs
• Improved Bylines/news coverage
Larger combined editorial staff
Sharing of resources/knowledge
• Positive effect on overall P&L
• Echo Publishing has gained marketing exposure through the consolidation
• Cross selling benefits through advertising
The results of our marketing efforts helped double the attendance over previous years.
Our partnership with the American Cancer Society helped them raise almost $92,000
(an increase over last year)

Department redesign/Job duty changes
Classified line ads
Real Estate
Commercial Printing is on track to do over $1.5 million in revenue for 2012
We print 25 weekly newspapers and TMC products
Along with printing these jobs we also handle all of their inserting and distribution
We also print all of their special sections / publications
Most of these jobs are set to make an average of 47% profit margin on each job
We have many monthly commercial print jobs also which make anywhere from 45 – 54% profit margins
Printing our commercial customers and handling their distribution saves money for the Brainerd Dispatch and Echo Publishing because of the mailing of the TMC products
This year we succeeded in securing a very large new commercial account – L & M Supply
This has added an additional $250,000 in revenue for 2012 – with printing over 200,000 copies each time we print
We did not add any additional staff to production even though we already had a full schedule
Commercial printing runs efficiently and cost effectively to keep the profitability high
Any new jobs bid now are being bid out at a minimum of 50 – 55% because of how tight we are running things and the lack of “extra” time to get things done
Coming back more often...
In 2011 had BrainerdDispatch.com had two 15,000+ visit days.
For 2012 BrainerdDispatch.com has already had seven 15,000+ visit days.
BrainerdDispatch.com has more than doubled the number of video views from 2011 only seven months into 2012. 2011 had 64,000-plus views of news videos. Video views in 2012 have reached the 141,000-plus mark by July 25.
New businesses in the area
Production / Maintenance
Location forces us to be self-reliant
Employees have become our own “experts”
We spend many hours cleaning and doing preventative maintenance to avoid breakdowns & keep things running smooth
We send our staff to customers’ locations to help set up their computers for the best PDF settings so we are able to provide our customers with the best possible product
We have helped customers put their papers out when their equipment has failed
We make sure to take any part that is salvageable from a computer that can be used to make another one before we recycle it
Lake Country Echo NIE has increased 15% since 2011 and 28% since 2010
Pine River Journal NIE has increased 7% since 2011 and 47% since 2010
In May and June we only had 2 circulars available – Walmart and Target
With no marketing except the button on the mobile website and within our iPhone and Android apps we had 786 page views in May and 825 page views in June
We had 172 Unique Visitors in May and 237 in June
We now have 8 circulars, and the program is going to launch phase II on August 1. They will begin revenue sharing on August 15th
The Unique Monthly Visitors count on BrainerdDispatch.com has risen from 123,000 in Jan. 2011 to five straight months of over 200,000 January - May 2012.
More Visitors...
In 2011 BrainerdDispatch.com had one
100,000-plus page view day.
BrainerdDispatch.com has already had five 100,000-plus page view days in 2012.
Online Audience
myAccess Garage Sale app
Audience Development
Commercial Audiences
Army National Guard - Camp Ripley
Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe
Echo Publishing’s pineandlakes.com website has gained an average of 30,000 monthly views over the past four months.
The pineandlakes.com spotted gallery of Moondance rock concert had almost 19,000 views in two days earlier this week.
Echo’s weekly sportscast with “Wheaties” Wallin and Pete Mohs has had more than 1,000 views in the first three months.
Echo Merge/Classifieds as one
Over 600 downloads!
Thank you!
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