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Why should I be considered for Head Girl?

No description

Maddie Lewis

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Why should I be considered for Head Girl?

Maddie Lewis - Head Girl Presentation
My Ideas for Improving our School
Student Information Board
Ask Forum/Blog on Moodle
Lunchtime Activities
New Student Project

I would like to give back to the school
I would like to be a role model
Be a inspiration and motivate students to achieve
Improve the students relationships with one another and teachers
Improve the perception of the school from the communities perspective
Thank you for listening.
Any questions?
What have I done for the school?
I have been part of many school actives such as:
The Comenius Project
The Bridge Project
Interhouse Events
Sports Day/Sports Competitions
After School Clubs
Over the Moon
Open Evenings

What qualities do I have that will make me a fantastic Head Girl?
Why do I want to be Head Girl?
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