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Opium War

Opium War: China vs. Britain

Sally May Luu

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Opium War

Opium War It all started with a poppy plant... People began to use this plant for nonmedical reasons... So how does this innocent looking plant have anything to do with SS ? Well, here's how the social studies part started: When the Qings got to power, China was
already doing very well economically.
They were almost COMPLETELY self-efficient. They had strong rice production and the
Portuguese had brought over a lot of the
crops from the Americas. Guangzhou was the only place they traded with because it
let them have more exports than imports. Europeans really wanted to trade with China so they were always trying to find something to trade. Britain eventually found one, which is obviously opium. They smuggled it into China even though it was illegal. The Qing emperor was outraged that they
weren't obeying laws and wrote to Queen
Victoria in England about the opium problem. 12 million Chinese people became addicted to the drug. But they didn't agree to stop bringing opium. :( Then they began the Opium War. These battles happened mostly at sea. Does anyone notice the problem?? No? Well, China didn't really know about the military
systems of any other country. Britain's advantage was that they
had one of the BEST navy systems. And where did these battles happen most frequently? That's right. The SEA. And so, China was easily defeated by Britain's
steam-powered boats. Then, to add insult to injury, Britain made China
sign the Treaty of Nanjung. This treaty gave Britain Hong Kong and
gave all foreigners extraterritorial rights. These rights basically gave foreigners the right to NOT obey Chinese
rule at 4 trading ports. A lot of Chinese people would now resent the British people. That's what the Opium War was all about. So, What do YOU need to know? 2) Who was involved during the war. Meaning, Who was fighting who. 3) Extraterritorial Rights 1) Why China didn't want to trade with other countries. (BECAUSE THEY WERE SELF-EFFICIENT) By: Sally Luu JERKS.
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