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How To Get Logged Onto Netflix.

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Steven Fraser

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of How To Get Logged Onto Netflix.

Step 1.
Go to your television and grab the remote and/or controller for the format that Netflix is under. Then turn on the TV.
Step 2.
Then Log onto the input (settings on your television that each have a different purpose) or app that you have Netflix downloaded under.
Materials List
Televisione or other electronic device that you can watch Netflix on
A Remote/ council controller
Popcorn, Candy, other treats (Optional)

Step 3.
Step 4.
4. Once onto the Netflix system, click the profile that you wish to watch Netflix under. If you dont already have a profile click the plus button and create your new profile.
Step 5.
5. When you’re in the chosen account search through the titles by scrolling up and down, or side to side, using the remote. While searching and you come across a show or movie you wish to watch select it by pressing the play button.
Written and Directed By:
Jessica Grondine
How To Get Logged Onto Netflix.
Sponsered By:
Mr. Fraser
Filmed At:
Litchfield Middle School
3. Using your remote click onto the red and white colored Icon with an “N” or the word “Netflix on it. This should bring you to Netfix's actual program.
Step 6.
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