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No description

nathalia medina

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Canterbury

Pardoner and Summoner By: Daniela Yanet
Valentina Alvarez
Natalia Medina The Summoner Characteristics characteristics The Pardoner Questions *He was not able to grow a beard
*Had blond hair
*Has a cap in which he carries fake relics
*Has a wallet with pardons in it
*Very greedy character
*Might be homosexual
*He is fake and dishonest
*Social rank: belongs to the church 49 What does a summoner do?
50 What cannot be cured? (647-650)51 Describe the Summoner.
52 How does the Summoner turn religion to personal profit? How can he get away with this?
53 What is the difference between direct and indirect characterization? Is the characterization of the summoner direct or indirect? Explain. (652-659)
54 How does Chaucer describe the Pardoner's hair? What is he implying? (695-699)
55 What is the importance of the Pardoner not being able to grow a beard? (709-710)
56 What facts in lines 719-726 indirectly characterize the Pardoner? Answers 49. A summoner is a person who gives summons, this means that he knew a lot of peoples sins.
50.The zits on his face can't be cured because they symbolize that his sins can't be cured.
51. (Description at the begining)
52. The summoner turned the religion into a personal profit by charging for the summons. He got away with this because he knew peoples sins and in this way he took advantage of this.
53. The difference between direct and indirect characterization is that the first one is a literary description of the characters while the second one , you need to infer the characteristics by the context. The summoners description is direct because the author gives specific characteristics in a literary way. 54. He describes the pardoner's hair as yellow wax also the author says it looks like rat tales. He is implying that he is as fake as his hair, also someone that belongs to the church must not have long hair.
55.The importance of the pardoner not being able to grow a bear is that it represents the possibility that this character might be homosexual.56. The facts in lines 719-726 that indirectly characteryze the pardoner are first telling that he had pig's bones and sold them as relics. Finally he had a pillow case and said it was Mary's veil. All of this evidences he is a liar and greedy person. "Summoners are usually low-class characters whose job it is to bring people before the ecclesiastical court for sins such as illicit intercourse. He had pimples and scars
He had beard
He had an unkind appearance
He always had with him a battle of wine
He smells bad
he takes advantage of his position because he spends people’s money in wine
social rank: belongs to the church
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