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The Desert Biome: Geographical Location

No description

Thomas Zombek

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of The Desert Biome: Geographical Location

Types of Deserts Include: Deserts cover about one-fifth (or 20%) of the Earth's land surface. Global Land Coverage These deserts are globally located near the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn Hot and Dry
Deserts These deserts can be found in the Arctic regions of the world. Cold Deserts Sahara
Great Basin Noteworthy Deserts of the World Fun Facts The Sahara Desert The Chihuahuan Desert The Mojave Desert The Sonoran Desert THAT'S ALL FOR TODAY! The Desert Biome U.S.-Mexican Border California Southwest U.S. The original meaning of desert is: an abandoned place.
Deserts often contain large mineral deposits.
Deserts can be good locations to farm solar energy.
Shallow, salty lakes can form temporarily from time to time in deserts. Geographical Location Hot and Dry Cold As we know,


are always warmest near the equator! That's about the size of 5 North America's! In fact, Antarctica is the world's largest desert! North Africa The Great Basin Largest U.S. Desert
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