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Body Language

No description

Logan Drill

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Body Language

Societal impact. . .
- Improve our lives

-Prevent technology from misinterpreting our body language

-We can learn about our leaders as people
- In the religious sect, body language may be a leading indicator of the position of someone's emotional and spiritual status.

- Both hands raised indicative of someone who is suffering/ desires/needs emotional strength through a tough time

-Hand raising, during worship, is considered an expression of dependence on someone else (a high level of spirituality)
55% communication is NONVERBAL
38% is pitch change in your voice

7% is the actual words spoken

Write words on the pictures that describe them and are portrayed from their body language. . .

Different culture = Different body languag
Social sciences
of the body
Global: Allan Pease
Australian, body expert, author of 15 books, motivational speaker
- Dishonesty often with the left hand because the right side of the brain is the comical, daydream thinking creative side

-Honesty done with the right hand because the left of the brain is the analytical side- pledge of allegiance

So What?
The impacts of
body language . . .

-Being able to tell if people are lying

- Tells you about a person

-Builds confidence!
In literature. . .

Phenomenal Woman
by Maya Angelou

Cloony the Clown
by Shel Siverstein

I Sing the Body Electric
by Walt Whitman

Charles Darwin

- body language of humans and animals,
The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
in 1872.

Body Language
inspired by body language
These are a few
Let's Listen. . .
Dance is based
off of emotions. . .
- Palm facing outward is a message of witnessing, it's believed the court related, "tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth" originated from this, a message of testimony to statement in message

-When we volunteer/agree to do something
Religious leaders have begun to observe body language of the congregation to remain in tune with their needs/wants/desires
Local: Kristin Freya
from Apple Valley MN, Heart Beat Studios dance teacher and manager
* Men listen with their heads straight, appear to be worse listeners than women who tilt their heads, it appears that way .
19th century
-silent movies became popular
Francis Bacon

-English philosopher, politician and scientist,
Of the Proficience and Advancement of Learning, Divine and Human
in 1605
Poetry with body language references
***My interview
Do not read these 2 excerpts
until I tell you!

After we read them, I will ask questions comparing them to the larger class and to your neighbor.
Hope this made you think!
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