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No description

Cara Loraw

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Drunksgiving

What the fuck is Drunksgiving
I'll fucking tell you.
Drunksgiving has a PURPOSE
Drunksgiving always has to follow something shitty, like a long car drive or the realization that your family doesn't love you.
Drunksgiving is a time for friendship
Drunksgiving is best celebrated with your very best friends, because hanging out with grandma and Uncle Kevin just isn't cool anymore.
You pretty much need to be drunk all the time.
Lonely and crushed by the holiday spirit, Drunksgiving is the perfect holiday to get shit faced.
So have a happy Drunksgiving!
Lots of love, Brad. Have fun! Also, this is supposed to be a gif of someone fisting that turkey over and over again.... Misssssss you.......
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