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Copy of Character Traits

No description

appleby 3rd grade

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Character Traits

Character Traits! Character Character make people know how you act
and what you like.
I can improve character by helping others by getting to know them. Good character traits Kindness i good to have to make
good friend.It shows your a good
friend. good character traits Good Character traits Good Character Traits Good Character Traits Bad Character Traits Kind Considerate Being considerate is good by showing your
caring and your some one who cares for every
one. Smart Being smart is wonderful, because you ca get a good job Honest Honesty is good because it makes you trustworthy, and makes people want to be your friend. Bold Being bold lets you make friends, because you will be willing to take risks. Brave It is good because you will not be scared to stand up. Thoughtful You will think of others, not just yourself. Helpful If you are helpful, you will get helped back by others. Loving Being loving is good because it lets you have healthy relationships. Peaceful Being peaceful will make you calm under pressure, and more likely to suceed. Responsible Being responsible will make you more reliable. Friendly Being friendly wil let you make friends and be happier over all. Mature Maturity lets you be able to do more things, as people will know you can handle yourself. Grateful If you are grateful, people will be more likely to give you things because they know you will thank them. Clever Being clever will result in you being better prepared for conflicts. Daring Being daring will let you get through more tough situations. Giving Being giving is good because it makes people more likely to give back to you. Polite Being polite makes you more likely to succeed because people will like you more. Easygoing Being easygoing is good because it makes you more fun to be around. Imaginative Being imaginative will allow you to prepare yourself for more situations. Bad Character Traits aggressive it is bad to be aggressive you want to be polite cheating Cheating is bad because it goes against the rules. lying Lying is bad because you are not telling the truth selfish It is better to share things than to be selfish angry It is bad to be angry because if you are nice to others they will be nice back bossy It is bad to be bossy because you will be mean to other people. careless It is bad to be careless because you should care about you and other people. Evil It is bad to be evil because you want to be a good person. bad character traits fearful You dont want to be full of fear. Fussy If you are fussy you will start to argue with people. Greedy If you are greedy you do not like to share harsh If you are harsh with your words you can hurt somebodys feelings bad character traits lazy It is bad to be lazy because you dont get any thing done. disobedient It is bad to be disobedient because you are not following directions. Reckless It is bad to be reckless because you are destroying things. tardy You are late every where. Bad character traits. violent When you are violent you can get into fights cruel It is bad to be cruel because you can hurt somebody impolite it is bad to be impolite because you can hurt somebody's feelings stubborn Its bad to be stubborn because you should be willing to compromise.
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