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Extended Essay

No description

georgina burrow

on 20 July 2014

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Transcript of Extended Essay

The EE is designed to provide the
student with an opportunity for an
in-depth study of a topic of interest
Choose a subject that is relevant to what degree you want to go on to study

Your title must be novel and interesting

The title is a research question, what are you going to be looking at in the essay

Make sure you are interested in the subject, if you aren't interested the essay will be boring!
Science & Humanities
--> Choose a title that is topical, but be careful! If it is too new, there may not be enough available research for you to use to support your reasoning.

Extended Essay
4,000 words
Use of an appropriate research question,
Personal engagement in the exploration of the topic,
Communication of your ideas,
Development of a clear argument.
The IB places emphasis on:
Marking Criteria:
Key Steps
Choosing a Title
Choosing a title (cont.)
Timing is everything!!
Follow the IB markscheme
Purpose of the EE:
See the provided hand out.
--> Be careful not to choose a title that has been discussed in depth by other critics. Maybe try and include lesser known authors.
REMEMBER--> you can combine subjects, but only to a reasonable extent!
You are technically only allowed one marked feedback by your teacher. If you hand in your essay late, this gives them less time to mark it, or, you will get it back later and have less time to correct it!
We have gone through the markscheme used by the IB. When writing your essay always bear it in mind!
How to Do Well
the research process, and while writing the essay, students should:
start work early and stick to deadlines
maintain a good working relationship with their supervisor
construct an argument that relates to the research question
use the library and consult librarians for advice
record sources as they go along (rather than trying to reconstruct a list at the end)
choose a new topic and a research question that can be answered if there is a problem with the original topic
completing the essay, students should:
write the abstract
check and proofread the final version carefully.
In addition, students
should not:
forget to analyse the research question
gnore the assessment criteria
collect material that is irrelevant to the research question• use the internet uncritically
merely describe or report (evidence must be used to support the argument)
repeat the introduction in the conclusion
cite sources that are not used.
title page
research question
contents page
reasoned argument
analysis and evaluation
correctly formatted references
works cited
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