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Professor Layton and Luke

If you love the puzzle game, then this prezi is for you! Professor Layton is an idol for me, and the fictional man's 'apprentice' is funny and clever!

Robbie Greenshields

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of Professor Layton and Luke

Professor Hershel Layton! Professor Hershel Layton is a Professor of Archeolgy. He has a mind as sharp as the pointiest sword and is a true gentleman. Although he is made up, the mysteries he comes across are always solved. Professor Layton has been revealed to have a hard past. He lost his true love, Claire, in a lab explosion, was viciously assaulted and promised never to take his top hat off once he received it. Claire was only mentioned in the third game, The Lost Future(UK). Along with his trusty companion, the Professor has taken on a murder mystery, a legend and travelling to the future! Solving all puzzle that are thrown his way, he triumphs over the world of knowledge. Shown in the previous slide, Professor Hershel Layton hardly ever frowns. No wonder Luke likes him so much! The Professor's Catchphrase is.
'That's what a gentleman does!' Luke Triton Luke plays a great part in the Professor. Solving puzzling puzzles is Luke's way of life. Angered by Adeline(Lost Future) he reveals that he was in fact born and raised in London! At the end of Lost Future, Layton says to Luke.
'Now Luke, you know a gentleman never makes a scene in public,'
Luke replied.
'I'm sorry rofessor, but I'm not a gentleman yet!' and runs into the professor's arms, crying. Luke has a habit of speaking to animals, but normally they hurt or threaten him. Subject 3, a rabbit who undergone bad treatment by scientists, threatened to 'Rearrange his kneecaps,'
Claudia, Lady Dahlia's cat, scratched him, as well as a dog in Pandora's Box or The Diabolical Box. Future Luke Triton When Layton and Luke travel to the future, they meet this character who calls himself Luke from the future! Future Luke tells them that Layton's future self was evil and controlling a group of menacing thugs. Future Luke turned out to be not who you think he was. He was very similar to Hershel himself. He was a boy named Clive whose parents had died in the same explosion that lost poor Claire. He was adopted by a kind, rich woman named Constance Dove, and when she died, he used the fortune to bring Layton to him. Clive created Future London to make Hershel believe he was there. Clive actually wasn't too evil, and brought the professor to his Future London to help him be released of his madness, which the professor had done years ago at the explosion. The professor had comforted Clive, not knowin back then, and stopped hi from killing himself to try and save his parents. Claire(Celeste) Claire didn't actually die at the explosion, the time machine that caused it worked for a second before the explosion! Claire was zapped into the present time, where she went to the fake future London in order to find Hershel. Unfortunately, she had to go.
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