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The Swing

No description

Monica Becker

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of The Swing

The Swing

What Movement is The Swing from?
"The Swing" is part of the Rococo to Neoclassicism: 18th century in Europe and America movement (Kleiner, 2014).
Rococo Style
"The Swing" is classic example of Rococo Style. This is a style in which an artist uses pastel like colors, portrays a softer style, and captures the light hearted elegance of what ever is within the piece of art.
Where can you see traits of the Rococo style in this painting?
The girls dress is a vibrant pastel/hot pink. The greens all around are that of softer not bold shades of that. The statues are a settle grey, and the men are wearing rather dull none vibrant colors as well. Even the choice of color for the dog in this picture is that of white. The flowers as well portray the pastel colors that are so often used with this style.
The young girl
The young girl in this picture is that of a flirtatious female. She is being swung by an old bishop with her lover is below her. At a rather funny angle considering the view in which is seen from there with her wearing a dress. She flirtatiously and boldly kicks her shoe off in his direction and towards the cupid statue.
The Statues
The cupid statue is innocently shushing the other statues it looks like. Reason being is that the other two statues near the old bishop are both looking at him.
The landscape
The surrounding landscape shows luscious greens of thick trees. That are of all sizes. Fragonard made the back trees smaller to show the perspective of the depth of the forest/garden they are in at that present time (Norman,1970). He also further shows the Rococo by portraying rays of sunshine through the tree tops making the images seem even softer in tone. Almost creating a dream like atmosphere.
Kleiner, F. S. (2014). Gardner’s art through the ages: The western perspective (14th ed., Vol. II). Boston, MA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.

Norman, J. (1970). How to look at art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, New Series, 28(5), 191-201. Retrieved from the JSTOR database.

Wikipedia, T. F. (2014, May 22). The Swing. . Retrieved July 7, 2014, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Swing_%28painting%29

by: Jean- Honore` Fragonard
size: 2' 8 5/8" x 2' 2"
(The Swing is part of the Wallace Collection, London)
Fragonard used brushes to create this oil on canvas painting.
(Image from Wikipedia, 2014)
The Swing
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