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7 Habits: 8 Positive Paradigms I Have About Myself

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Abby Soriano

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of 7 Habits: 8 Positive Paradigms I Have About Myself

I am someone who works hard to achieve things in life. I love to always try my best, even when the task up ahead is a challenging one in which I probably cannot succeed.
I can't help but to be an honest person. I don't actually dread telling the truth almost all the time, because I feel like I'm gaining self trust, which is an amazing feeling.
I love to play the piano and the violin. I actually love anything that has to do with music, and I consider those things as my few talents.
I can't help but to always care about my friends. I care about everyone actually, even my enemies, and I start to become guilty when I don't care.
I love to help others who appear to be struggling with something. I enjoy seeing others happy, and even if I get nothing in return, I feel good helping someone else besides myself.
7 Habits: 8 Positive Paradigms I Have About Myself
By: Abby Soriano
Are you alright???
Honesty is the best policy!!!
Based on...
I am someone who you can count on. I will be able to come through for you, even if it's something I'm not used to doing.
I believe I am smart. The only reason I get good grades is because I pay attention during class and I study.
A Good Friend!!!
I think of myself as a good friend. I enjoy seeing my friends happy, and I enjoy just spending time with them.
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