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Primary Care Systems

No description

Gauri Wadhwa

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Primary Care Systems

"Simply put, in the absence of a radical shift towards prevention and public health, we will not be successful in containing medical costs or improving the health of the American people." -President Obama
What is a Primary Care System?
CHANGE Grants in the ECD
Cornerstone Care - Greensboro, PA
Heart of Ohio - Columbus, OH
One Health Ohio - Youngstown, OH

Hershey Medical Center - Hershey, PA
MetroHealth - Cleveland, OH

Neighborhood Family Practice - Cleveland, OH
The Primary Health Network - Sharon, PA

Columbus Neighborhood Health - Columbus, OH

Lee Denim
Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health - Cleveland, OH
Division Partnership Grants
Ohio Academy of Family Physicians

Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians

Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund (Kroger)

Congreso Health Centers (Aramark)
So, what is an evidence-based strategy?
The Community Preventive Services Task Force released the following findings on what works in public health to increase breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening rates:
What is our focus?
What is a CHANGE grant?
Corporate funders have contributed resource to fund the
dvocates implementing
rants for
mpowerment and
quity (CHANGE) program.

Since 2011, the Society has awarded nearly
100 grants
to community-based partners.
314,000 men and women
have been reached with cancer prevention and early detection education and outreach.
122,000 cancer screenings
have been provided.
In 2014, the PCS staff will focus its priorities on 64 systems within Pennsylvania and Ohio - which includes 293 primary care clinics.

Our primary accounts include:
Federally Qualified Health Centers
Community Health Centers
Health Center Networks
Primary Care Associations
Why breast and colorectal cancer?
Meet the team
Anna Fetzer
Sr. Manager
Jill Shaw
Account Representative
Gauri Wadhwa
Account Representative
Andrea Anderson
Account Representative
April Reilly
Sr. Director
Kate Mastalski
Sr. Manager
Jason Simonson
Account Representative
Jill Giomboni
Account Representative
Kristen Hillebrand
Account Representative
Primary Care Systems
Community Examples
"Health is much more than what happens to you in a doctor's office. It's where people live, labor, learn, play and pray."
Primary Care Systems
Helps communities with an unequal cancer burden improve outcomes through implementation of evidence-based interventions in primary care systems

Manages CHANGE and Division grants

Builds strategic relationships with our priority accounts using support and resources

Supports our primary markets in achieving mission and income goals
-Howard Koh, Assistant Secretary for Health
Five Rivers Health Center
Five Rivers Health Center in Dayton, Ohio will be implementing a Flu/FOBT project with the assistance of Account Representative, Andrea Anderson. The project will involve distributing FOBT cards when eligible patients visit the centers for their flu shots. Andrea will be serving on the planning committee, and as a technical advisor during implementation of the project this fall. Should the project be successful, the center hopes to sustain for future years to ensure all eligible patients are adequately screening for colorectal cancer.
Our team:
Primary Care Health Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will be partnering with Account Representative, Jason Simonson, to bring Health Card Kits to 13 sites. These kits engage patients in clinical settings to encourage communication between the patient and the provider. The goal is to increase patient knowledge of appropriate screenings and the number of people being screened. Primary Care Health Services plans to implement these kits in their waiting rooms. Jason will assist PCHS in obtaining materials, and serve as a guide for successful integration of the kits at PCHS.
Primary Care Health Services
A Federally Qualified Health Center receives grants from Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act. All FQHCs must serve an underserved area or population, offer a sliding fee scale, and provide comprehensive services. FQHCs are found in both urban and rural communities.
What are populations of focus?
Communities or groups with higher disease incidence and/or mortality rates
Educational attainment
Insurance status
Geographic area
Population-focused healthcare uses a defined population for the organization of preventative action, and allows us to affect the health of an entire community.
What's our territory?
East Central Division Grants
Support primary care systems to
increase breast and colorectal cancer screening rates

through implementation of evidence-based strategies.

Reduce disparities and inequalities by targeting
populations of focus
to increase access to prevention and screening.

The American Cancer Society can bridge the gap in reaching the medically underserved through
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