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Corbin & Strauss

No description

Lindy Munoz

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of Corbin & Strauss

4 meta-paradigms of nursing
1. Whole person - body, mind, spirit
9 stages of chronic illness
1. Pretrajectory stage
2. Trafectory stage
3. Stable stage
4. Instability stage
5. Acute stage
6. Crisis stage
7. Comeback stage
8. Downward spiral
9. Dying and death
chronic illness Trajectory Model
Corbin & Strauss
When placed on a time line, a pattern of stages forms creating a trajectory - potential for predictability
Chronic illnesses share common
characteristics and events
Pattern of exacerbations and comebacks
from presumed health to dying and death
Length of time does not alter the
value of the trajectory
2. Person's state of health
3. Person's environment
4. Nursing care - impact on person, health and environment
6 steps in nursing process (ADPIE)
1. Trajectory identified
2. Diagnosis made/goals negotiated
3. Interventions planned
4. What promotes/hinders process
5. Implement interventions
6. Evaluates interventions

to Nursing

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