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LOcaL food

No description

shahida shaheen

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of LOcaL food

WHY WE NEED TO EAT LOCALLY GROWN FOOD If you buy food from local farmers, your money will stay within that community
and make the economy stronger. How to eat locally?? 1. Go to your farmer market often.

2. Look seasonal harvest.

3. Get your food from a store where they get local food.

4. Help or support the restaurant and farm market or stores that get local food.

5. Freeze your food and you may eat it later.

6. Make a ‘’locally-Grown party’’ and sell all local food.

7. Plant your own food in your garden

8. Always go to your farm market.

9. Ask the store or your restaurant from where do they get there food.

10. And visit the web site of local. LOCAL FOOD The reason to eat local food: • Eat local make the local economy stronger
• Locally grown foods are fresher
• Locally grown fruits and vegetables are healthier
• Eating local can reduce air pollution
• Buying local food make human closer to the season
• Eating local protects human from pollution
• Local food are more variety Where can we buy
locally grown food? •Locally grown can be bought directly from
the farmer at Farmers Markets, Farm Stand
or Supermarket.
•Most of them can also be bought from fisherman or ranchers Take the Eat Local Challenge! How can I participate?????

1.For a week....
Spend 10% of your money on local food.
.Try to buy fresh food all time
.keep your food in the freezer for later.

2.Use the Eat local challenge scorecard

3.You may send it or say your story. Prepare and preserve the locally grown products •Preserving food it good but now we process food by adding chemicals and that not good.
•For example you may freeze the food, drying, canning, and pickling so it fresh. Locally grown food is fresh... Buying local food is better than buying food
that has been shipped travel.
They are in stores or
market for many days.
So you can freeze the food for later. Taste better and good for you. LOCAL FOODLOCAL FOOD
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