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The Crusades - Day 2

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of The Crusades - Day 2

The Crusades - Day 2
Do Now - January 27, 2015
The _________ were a series of religious wars that were declared by Pope __________ at the end of the 11th Century. During the Crusades, Christians and _________ fought violent wars over the Holy Land, especially a city called ____________.

By the end of the First Crusade, Christian soldiers had killed close to ______________ people. This helped them win the First __________.
Video -- The Crusades
Scavenger Hunt

1) The Byzantine Emperor asked for help because:

2)The Crusades are:

3) Effects of the Crusades:
New Humanities day: WEDNESDAYS

If you are called to intervention, write it as part of your homework in your agenda.
Mini Debate Question
Which Crusade was more
historically significant,

the First or the Third Crusade?

Use at least one piece of evidence to support your argument.
Exit Ticket
There was also a Second Crusade (1147 CE to 1149 CE)
This Crusade was won by the Muslims.
1. Read "The Third Crusade". Write the main idea next to each paragraph.

2. Answer the questions using detail and using complete sentences.
Yesterday we learned about the First Crusade.
Two effects (or outcomes) of the First Crusade:
1. 70,000 Muslims and Jews were killed.
2. The Christians took control of the Holy Land.
Effect (or outcome) of the Second Crusade
Please have Page 1 of your HW on your desk in order to recieve credit.
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