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Mephiles The Dark

No description

Treyvin Abbott

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Mephiles The Dark

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Mephiles the Dark He is skilled at malipulating people into doing what he wants. Mephiles the dark is a demi-god created by solaris.. Mephiles the Dark It all began in the year 1996, the duke of soleanna the city of water wanted to harness the goddess of fire solaris's power, but, it backfired and solaris was split into two beings iblis and mephiles, as mephiles tried to escape, shadow the hedgehog caught and trapped mephiles in the scepter of darknes, from that day on, mephiles sworn that he would get his revenge, 10 years later, the seal was broken, then mephiles absorbed shadow's shadow and took his shape, then for his revenge, he sent shadow to the future with his power. then he became mephiles the dark. after some planning and tricking, he killed sonic, and reunited with iblis, but with the power of the seven chaos emeralds, he was able to bring him back, with the help of sonic,shadow and silver, they seperated iblis and mephiles for good, killing iblis, but mephiles still lived and nobody know what he will do next with his devastating powers. The Origin of
Mephiles Mephiles is 76 lbs and 35 kg and loves cats and hates shadow, even though they may look the same they're not. Facts about mephiles Likes Solaris, Treyvin, Cats, Hate, Himself,video games and Evil, Dislikes, Sonic Shadow silver, good kindness, thinking of others, school, Likes and dislikes. Extremely, Inhumanly intelligent very skilled manipulator, time travel, manipulate darkness, control time, and has a purple, dark chaos emerald Skills and abilities This is everything i know about mephiles, he is the greatest villain of all time. The End Conclusion
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