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water filter

No description

Isabella Sheets

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of water filter

List of Materials When we started, we had no idea where to begin. We gained an idea of what we would do when the representative from Wine to Water met with us. We began researching that day, trying to use Google to find diagrams of materials that we can use. When we found a suitable picture, we began searching for materials online, finding where we needed to go and how much it would cost. The Idea charcoal Sand Activated Carbon
3 buckets
PVC pipe
Water Activated charcoal is
charcoal that has been
treated by oxygen. Tuxsidious Activated charcoal traps organic chemicals that would usually pass through. After we combined the two ideas, we made a list of tools and materials. Resources were purchased and we began cleaning out our materials of loose sediment that could contaminate the water. Finally, we were ready to start the building process. We drilled holes big enough for the water to drip through each bucket using PVC piping to stable the flow. Pieces of a t-shirt were used to hold back any solid material while the water was being filtered by the charcoal, gravel, and sand. The process The water passes through the sand . Larger particles will settle in the top layers of sand. Smaller particles of sediment left in the sand filter are eaten by microscopic organisms gravel is tightly packed so it stops organic debris from going through. The water filter Tuxsidous Gravel When we got to our PBL classes on the first day we were told we had to build a water filter. We honestly had no idea how to build the water filter. So we were looking online one day and Ethan Wood found a almost perfect idea, we just made the idea our own. By:
Casey Church
Becca Buchanan
Bella Sheets
Adam Holloway
Emily Poteat
Joe Smith
Ethan Wood
David Corpening
Brittany Humphrey
Jasmyne Harris-Horton
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