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Day 1-24 Its still a long way till we get to gold fields.

No description

John Miller

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Day 1-24 Its still a long way till we get to gold fields.

the best
i am the best
Yesterday on the ship all the passenger are sick excpect me. And I did not eat breakfast and also the suspicious guy did not eat too. After all the passengers were done eating my bunk mate came running after me and he had a knife in his hand but he trip and got injured and I reported this to the captain.
Dear Diary day 24-53
I am heading for the gold fields in San Francisco. Just for the gold. I am trying to find resources at the stops for the gold mines.
Dear Diary Day 53-74
I am hiding because a man is trying to kill me for my gold after that I got away I made my pic ax hallow so I can hide my gold in there.On the minute I got on the boat to get home to Boston I thought I got out of there the richest man alive
Dear Dairy Day 74-97
It was the year 1816 and its still a long way till we get to gold fields. Some people have gone missing and there is a suspicions guy that is my bunk mate.
Dear Diary
Day 1-24
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