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Share the Earth...

What's wrong with economics today?

Andy Moore

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Share the Earth...

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli So all may Prosper Share the Earth... The Earth herself is
a limited resource... so... it shouldn't be a surprise that her resources are finite! The economy
is complex and one resource is particularly fundamental to the economy... Luckily We can use as much energy as we want! Is it any
wonder then? So if you
want to make the world a better place or a better 'space'... But this doesn't apply to all the resources we need... Energy! Energy will never run out: Adam Smith understood it... David Ricardo understood it... Locations... More than anyone else...
Henry George understood it. But we
already have
the solution... Take
famines for
example So...until we
get the land
question right... We all know that some people starve to death... the world will never make sense It's actually very simple... But one resource is very limited. I'm talking about space on Earth... No - not this kind of space... there's plenty of that! I'm talking about... Space for people... Space for business... Space for living... Space for eco-systems Space for nature... our world is so
topsy turvy ??? Our economic system doesn't recognize the central role 'space' plays in our economy So we can use all the energy we want -
but we can only use the space we have... There is no way to get around it. The central component of our economy is LAND. You'd better get your head around that... Right now - at this very second - a child is dying from malnutrition. Is it a problem of food resources? What do we use to distribute resources? No... People will die from hunger,
eco-systems will be destroyed in the name of 'progress' and entire species will be wiped out and one day; that species will be us... Provided we get it from the right source... And it's even more crucial to our economy than energy... Space... its a problem of distribution. www.prosper.org.au
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