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Conclusion Prezi of Assessment Week

No description

Andras Akos Nemeth

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Conclusion Prezi of Assessment Week

András Németh
Assessment task: write a Pool Allocator in C++
-Setup devenv
-Getting know C++ and the existing repo
-Plan the Solution
What I've learned during this week
-Little C++
-git usage
-Google C++ Testing Framework
-About Prezi:
-Great environment
-Friendly and helpful people
-Opportunity to learn new things
Ideas that could be useful
-Alternative path to be able to skip Path Steps during a presentation.
-Graphically active path
-Everyday work / joining other teams
-Fix objects on the screen
-Template Store
TCMalloc in Google Performance Tool is still developed since 2007.
Tue: DEV (+ learn C++)
Wed: DEV (+ learn C++)
Thu: DEV <-> TEST
Fri: DEV <-> TEST
-There is place for fixes and extensions
Thanks for your Attention!
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