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Kody Schneider

No description

Jeffrey Proko

on 31 January 2015

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Transcript of Kody Schneider

Kody Schneider
Drexel life
Major - Actually not bio - CS

Past Co-op - research assistant for the College of medicine

RA in Millenium Hall (Hang Hole)

Love the Hans and late night trips to Northside

Joined Fall '12

Went through Epsilon Fall '13
Been wearing Broncos letters since

In communications cabinet (sometimes)

Kinda maybe doing hw(?)
Reppin Sig ep in the mills
From So Cal and left the west coast (why?)

Like to:
touch buttz
watch football/Broncos
wear tank tops
pass out random places
this is my big....
Kody likes to troll people like everyday

Killen -
l \
Kody Uncle Rico
Women in his life
did you know Kody is dating Kiera????
One time Zorbey said "This is the only DZ SigEp couple I love"

Used to tell me he doesnt like girls

PTFO on a couch, about 15 feet from his room
<--- asian
Formal time!
anus --->
My big is perfect

I walked into this once on my bed

Making Ari try his baguette
Yingda is in there somewhere
grand big --->
Kody with my actual family
Sometimes he does this...

DZ Family
One time Kody got inducted into DZ
l \
Izzy - Kody
l |
Tess Me
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