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Kira Al-mateen

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of presentation

Employee competency greatly influences an organizations success. The Corporate Security Training and Development division is dedicated to delivering competency and performance-based training to employees across the Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine Spectrum. To accomplish this goal, the training division strives to employ a robust training program that is Relevant,Current, and Effective.
Training and Development
Future Projects
Additional trainers for the 40 hour Basic Security Training
Curriculum Designer
Develop an Online Training Course
On-Site Trainers ( at each facility that report to Training and Development Manager
Prepare training budgets and ensure that training expenses stay within budget
Providing opportunity for development is a selling point for recruiting high quality employees, and it helps in retaining employees who can contribute to business growth.

Will help the Security overall be more effective and professional with the skill at hand.
Corporate Security's Mission
It is the mission of Corporate Security to develop, implement and monitor an efficient, cost-effective, customer-oriented and proactive security program; to meet the needs of patients, visitors and employees of Johns Hopkins Medicine; and to interface with the community, local government and law enforcement to address public safety issues.

To fulfill its responsibility, Corporate Security is committed to ensuring that:
Policies, rules and regulations of Johns Hopkins Medicine are enforced;
The premises are maintained in a safe and secure manner, and that the physical assets and operations are protected;
Employees feel secure in their work environment;
All personnel who utilize the facilities are educated in personal and property safety;
Incidents are reported, data is collected and analyzed, and appropriate action is taken.
Where I would fit!
Keith Hill
Vice President
George Economas
Senior Director - Security, Parking & Transportation
Ricky Mason
Senior Director - National Capital Region
Stephen Prozeralik
Director - Investigations
Mark Grams
Director - Support Services,
Security Administration & Finance
Walter Simmons
Director - Training & Development
Kira Al-Mateen
Coordinator- Training & Development
Donald Biedenback
Director - Internal Security
Ray Fabian
Director - External Security
William McLean
Director - JHM Affiliates
Fred Taber
Director - BSI Contract Security
Robert Wagner
Assistant Director - Corporate Security

At this time there is a Director and an Instructor for the Training division of Johns Hopkins Corporate Security. Welcoming a Training and Development Coordinator to the division will definitely excel the goals of the department.

With only two roles overseeing the entire commodity of the training and development department, this cannot effectively assess the training program to be relevant, current, and most importantly effective.
Johns Hopkins Corporate Security
Business Proposal
Week One- Week Eight
Completed the editing of the Basic Security Officer Training Lesson Plan
Basic Security Officer Training Workbook
Design a Crisis Prevention Institute Workbook
Create a Crisis Prevention Institute Lesson Plan
Record and Track Employee Certifications
Created CSA Packets for training
Create CSA Test Score sheet
Adult Learning Module
Teach training methods to specialist who then instruct the organizations employees
Design the Instructor Development Program
Designed a Trainer Standard and Practice guide
Designed a Lesson Plan Format

Bachelors Degree in Human Resources, Education, Training,Business Administration, or a related field.
Communication Skills
Critical- Thinking Skills
Decision Making Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Leadership Skills
Ensures smooth and effective functioning of training events and special projects. Manage, design, develop, coordinate and conduct large or small scale training programs.
Why a Training and Coordinator?
Purpose: Ensures smooth and effective functioning of training events and special projects. Manage, design, develop, coordinate and conduct large or small scale training programs.

Schedules and coordinates all classroom training with Managers and Supervisors – schedules location, date/time, materials, and attendance.
Develops, coordinates, schedules and maintains all training courses and programs
Collects, compiles and reports results of evaluation, attendance and training data.
Maintain updated curriculum database and training records
Communicates data and reports as needed.
Prepares and documents procedures for employees and management who are appointed for training.
Maintains management training tracking process, enters data, tracks completion and processes communication and certification to recipients and market leadership.
Develops, Implements, Administers and Maintains a Training Management System
Manages training materials stipulated by regulations.
Design and prepare educational aids and materials
Use accepted education principles and track new training methods and techniques
Conduct organization wide needs assessment and identify skills or knowledge gaps that need to be addressed
Map out training plans, design and develop training programs (outsourced or in-house)
Choose appropriate training methods per case (simulations, mentoring, on the job training, professional development classes etc)

Instructor/Curriculum Designer
Instructor Development Program
Instructor/Curriculum Designer
Analyze, design, development, and evaluate instructor based training.

Support the director, by designing and developing new courses and maintaining existing courses.
Work in collaboration with course directors and subject matter experts for operational input.
Research, collect, organize, and produce relevant information to support the design and development of the courses.
In a team environment, work closely with course directors and subject matter experts to write course objectives and content, develop measurement tools, establish training flow, and develop requirements and / or scenarios.
Collect and analyze data for training needs assessments, and recommends courses of action.
Design Recommended training to include developing course objectives and evaluation tools, and identifying instructional methods and media.
Research and Develop course content to include verifying accuracy and flow, and ensuring proper grammar, punctuation, format, and style.
Conduct developmental and operational tests.
Analyze training comments, critiques, and trends and recommend courses of action.
Establish standardized training material format, style, and process.
Instructor Development Program
Purpose: This program will teach employees how to train and raise awareness.

1. Build a foundation/cadre of trainers and instructors
Develop, train and recruit instructors
Direct training Course
2. Work with them to develop individual site training programs.
Trainer Standards and Practices

Adult Learning Techniques/Theories

Curriculum Design
This role will be responsible for analyzing training needs, developing curriculum and delivering courses. The training coordinator will evaluate the trainee for effectiveness of training and individual employee growth. The training coordinator will be responsible for development of reporting for measurement of training needs and results.
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