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Talent Acquisition Process

HR Staff Development Series

Alison Meyer

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Talent Acquisition Process

Interviews Approval/Req Creation b) HR approves and reviews
requisition c) Requisitions are put in metrics to hire a) Signatures are received from all required parties Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Rene Birthday Assess Talent _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ at Campbell Hausfeld Finding the Top Talent for sustained growth and profitability!! Step Two Step One Meet in Person when we Can -
especially for new managers Resume Review: What kind of talent is needed?
More than just qualifications Talent Min Quals Preferred Quals Former Employee Met Some Check Rehire Code Behavioral Key Competencies "Tell me about a time you..." Paperwork is vital - in order to be in compliance Forward to HM Are we ready to post? NOT QUITE YET! Yes/No Interviews Selection/Onboarding/Hire! We have a new employee! Step Three Get ready to post Qualifications Prescreening
Questions Requisition Details Posting Language ? Where do we find good candidates? Content Details The Business Location, Compensation, Relocation. Department, Team, Goals Leverage Social Media
Diverse Advertising Make the posting compelling Recruiting Strategy How Thank You for your interest, but we have selected another candidate. Dear Candidate,
Campbell Hausfeld Harrison, OH Sourcing Targeted Advertising Internet searching: LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, Resume search Skills/Experience Min quals/dealbreakers
What will be the best fit?
"soft" skills/competencies Identify Talent Help! 121199 A Post It! HR posts internally/externally
Diversity Sites Acquisition Step Four Schedule Intake Meeting Yes! Hi Ali! This is YOUR HIRING MANAGER....My position was approved.
Has it been posted yet?
When will it be posted? WHO WE ARE: Talent Advisors/Consultants for our Hiring Managers Disposition Remaining Candidates Multiple
Programs Available Candidates!
Connect with them
Engage them
Motivate them Send to
Human Resources
Onboarding Coaching
Change Leadership
Driving for Results Questions? Language All Parts Are Complete!! Phone Screen 2:00 pm Talent Consulting:
What we need to know to make the best hire Pieces of the offer:
-Employee Agreements
-Wage Scales
-Candidate Motivators Building relationships with client groups
Source candidates through various outlets
HR Information Resource
Listening Set of Ears/Voice of Reason
Talent Expertise What does the organization need?
Where to find the best talent to meet that need
Selling Campbell Hausfeld as an Employer of choice
Building relationships with passive candidates, including internal talent
Developing our talent community/candidate pipeline Screening/Interviewing
Ensuring a fair selection process
Coaching managers
Interview Debriefing
Facilitating selection Background Checking
Drug Screen Complete
Offer Negotiation
Ensure a strong start Generating interest in Campbell Hausfeld to someone who is not actively looking. Who do you know? Maintain candidate relationships
Positive experience - even if not selected Intake Meeting What we need to know in order to make the best hire: What is a top candidate going to find interesting? All the pieces: Reading between the lines... Relationships The art of negotiation... Debriefing on Interviews Interview Skills Training Hiring Managers/Client Groups Active Candidates Passive Candidate Pipeline Pipeline of passive candidates Screening, Interviewing

how to
effectively... Recruiting's Role: We do more than recruit... Who, What, When? Background check & Drug Screen Required! HR PROFILE:

Drug Screen: Our own Applicant Tracking System INTRODUCTIONS Client Groups Payroll Action Notice &
SF Action Notice: What do they look like?

Who completes?

Where do they go? Strategic & Process Improvement
Work Local networking groups and activities
to promote CH as a company of choice CAN'T ASK: Age
Marital Status
Housing Status
Credit Rating
Ancestry/Birthplace/National Origin Criminal Record
Health/Physical Condition
Race PURPOSE? On-going and consistent training is part of our recruitment strategy
Enhance the skills and capabilities of hiring managers
Communicate updates to previous recruitment efforts
Consistent process to generate the best candidate for open positions ! Feel free to call HR with ???'s
...anytime! Where do We Post ? The Talent Acquisition
Team: Alison, Eric, and all HIRING MANAGERS!!
YAY!!! In 2013, Campbell Hausfeld
spent over $350K in Recruiter Fees alone!!!

This is unacceptable and unsustainable. Together, we can work to recruit, attract, and retain top talent!
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