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Commercial Analysis - Chuck's Remix

AP Lang Semester Project

Alan Dai

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Commercial Analysis - Chuck's Remix

Central Quotes Art and Form The Commercial - Target Audience: (Almost) everyone.
- More specifically: Stereotypical basketball-loving, phone-addicted teen/young adult.
- Maybe even for younger children. Centerpiece/Driving Force Explicit/Implicit Meaning
Overall Effectiveness EXPLICIT: T-Mobile can propagate the spread of viral videos at a faster rate than ever because of the new 4G Internet.
Chuck's Remix Commercial Analysis Presented by: Alan Dai, Allison Banuelos, & Cathlene Torres Using Internet culture (e.g. the concept of viral videos and Facebook sharing) to disseminate the video and make it popular. Appeals to amateur music producers:
Anyone can make a video that goes viral (circulate throughout the Internet at the rate of a virus). Opening Shot "Amateur" music producers get a hold of Barkley's commentary Creates a remix, video goes viral Rave/dance party as a result of video Barkley's exasperation (implies he overlooked the viral capabilities of the Internet) Remember: "Largest"/"Best" vs. "Larger"/"Better" Final Scene: product logo is revealed ETHOS! IMPLICIT: T-Mobile can connect the world together using this new fast Internet. "I may be wrong." The product (T-Mobile) is definitely NOT lost in the commercial. Every phone displayed in the commercial is a T-Mobile phone. "We could do something with this." "You're gonna be a star." The driving force is the producers' viral video sent/viewed through each person's phone. EFFECTIVENESS: (Very) catchy, entertaining Target Audience From a random person's phone... ...to the phone of Charles Barkley himself! T-Mobile: Claims: Endorsement/testimonial
Appeals: affiliation, achievement Commercial Synopsis:
- Charles Barkley commentates on an NBA game
- His memorable words are auto-tuned into a song by amateur music producers
- Video goes viral and is even used in dance floors
- Barkley does not even realize his sudden fame since the video spread so quickly (4G)
- Ending card
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