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Trysti Lowe

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Renovations

Benefits of Renovations Winston Churchill - “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Increases Productivity Aids in Creativity Displays Forward Motion When choosing furniture for an office, it is important to keep the same style throughout the office. Mismatched furniture can look cheap and thrown together. Product Overview Color Theory Benefits Spring 2010 An independent study conducted by ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) found that physical workplace design ranked as one of the top three factors in contributing to job satisfaction. Employees who were pleased with their physical workplaces were 31 percent more likely to say they were satisfied with their jobs. Upgrading the work environment through renovations results in improved quality, production, morale, and shows forward motion. Having an updated, clean, and uniform look can show customers that a company is up to date as well as in forward motion. Shows a Professional Environment When choosing paint colors for an office space, a good rule of thumb is to pick a color that reflects the concept of your business. Samples Poor lighting has been associated with low productivity, high human error rates, eyestrain, headache, a reduction in mental alertness, general malaise, and low employee morale. Long Term Goals Effects of Lighting Research Renovations TJ Deluccia, Katy Banks, Trysti Lowe For an office staffed with creative types, choose a lively wall color or design with visual zest. Harmonizes a Space Many offices have begun implementing the traditional Chinese practice of Feng shui, which is a harmonious way of organizing a space. Since any renovations done can be disruptive to production, it is a good idea to choose long lasting, durable products. Forms Lasting Renovations Creates the Right Feel Offices that are airy and open with plenty of windows and modern touches create the right feel for visiting customers. Studies show that a more comfortable office can lead to increased productivity from employees. - Dr. William H. Cushman
President of Highland Technologies Being able to see real light from outdoors can make you feel less confined inside.
Excessive reading by fluorescent lighting can lead to eyestrain and fatigue. - Kath Lockett
The Age Indicates reduction in cost
Increases employee productivity
Improves employee well-being Benefits (Cushman) Lockheed plant was successfully modified to utilize daylight as a major source of lighting. Through this the company was able to reduce annual lighting cost by $500,000 and employee productivity increased by 15%. - B. Lunding
Path to Productivity Lockheed Example Lighting Options Flooring Options Patcraft® carpeting by Shaw Limited warranty
Made from remanufactured products
Modular backing
LEED certification process
Armstrong Imperial Texture Standard EXCELON® VCT flooring Five year limited warranty
Made with 85% limestone
Indoor air quality and emissions certification
High durability rating
Spacia by Amtico® International Ten year commercial guarantee
Made with plasticizers and stabilizers
Hypo allergenic
Easy to maintain
Quiet under feet Wall Color Sherwin-Williams (Marberry) Approved Product Harmony® Sustainable raw materials
Low odor and zero-VOC formula
Be applied in occupied rooms without causing disruption
Highest indoor air quality ratings
Good Housekeeping seal of approval Approved Colors SW7072 - On Line Gray
SW6385 - Dover White Adding Color Earth tones improve mood, health, and productivity Green - fewer mistakes and optimism
Pale yellow - calming and relaxing
Blue - productive, flexible, fewer mistakes, and communication
Brown - structured and reliable Local Momentum Adding Pictures Low cost
Easily be moved around Cubicle Design Why Design Matters (Grossman) There's compelling evidence that the physical environment affects not only health and safety, but performance as well.

A graphics employee at Cryovac, including vacation and sick time, will roughly spend 18,400-18,800 hrs at work over ten years. Research In Right Management Consultants' survey of 3,500 "high-value, top-performing" employees from 26 organizations, respondents said "work environment" was the most important factor influencing their desire to stay with the organization. "They may not talk specifically about walls and workstations, but the way an office is configured says volumes about whether a culture is open and flexible."
"Workers want environments where they can work flexibly, where they can work collaboratively and feel they're in the loop," says Rich Pinola, Right's CEO in Philadelphia. (Grossman) Types of Cubicles PREMISE Complements growth and change
Smart investment in the future
Supports comfort and performance
Sustainable rating of 54% RACE Original
Highly flexible
Recipient of numerous industry design awards
Sustainable rating of 62%
Includes a 100% rating for adaptability and reuse
Why Color Research reveals people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone. - CCICOLOR Institute for Color Research
(Morton) Health
Improve worker satisfaction
Claim productivity
Corporate identity
Mood NASA Experiment Three office schemes chosen White- Preconceived that workers are less productive
Red- Preconceived that it has negative effects
Pastel- Would enhance productivity Purpose Determine the effects of the three color schemes on mood, speed in performance of clerical tasks, and accuracy on proofreading clerical tasks administered to office workers. Results Color scheme alone may not have a huge impact on worker productivity but mood was impacted.
No link was found between worker mood and worker performance in this study. How Color Effects Mood Theory White- Purity, minimalism, neutral, and washes out creative energy
Black- Power, authority, mystery, intrigue, anger, wealth, elegance, unfriendliness, impersonal, rigid, and stubborn
Red- Psychologically powerful, aggression, conflict, fewer mistakes, and desire
Burgundy- Refined, powerful, knowledgeable, sophisticated, and traditional
Blue- Soothing, peaceful, trust, truth, security, technology, loyal, productive, flexible, fewer mistakes, and communication
Orange- Social, flamboyant, energizing, fun, creative, reduces blood pressure, welcoming, perseverance, self-motivation, tirelessness, and interesting Yellow- Pale: Calming, relaxing, reduces blood pressure, promotes focus, persistence, and determination. Bright- Causes tension and arguments
Green- Fewer mistakes, optimism, friendliness, youth, vigor, envy, misfortune, generosity, and diplomacy
Brown- Structured and reliable
Turquoise- Creativity, communication, inventiveness, inspiration, and imagination
Purple- Meditative, royalty, nobility, ceremony, mystery, transformation, wisdom, enlightenment, cruelty, arrogance, mourning, and inspiring
Grey- Intellect References Updating breakroom Update bathrooms Addition of windows Better organized panhandle Add meal options in vending machines
Replace tables
Add more seating
Energy efficient appliances Low flow toilets
More stalls
Update design TJ's Reflection + (Local Momentum) (Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex) (Color Ideas and Tools) (PREMISE/Moxie) (RACE) (Flooring for Commercial Applications ) (Amtico Flooring) (Patcraft Designweave ) (Tips on Decorating Your Office Space)

(Increase Productivity by Improving Office Design) (Pilaroscia) (Kwallek) (“Swingline”) (Callaghan) (Maida) (Nicholson) Projects Monitor Calibration
Color Target Linearization
Analyzed Samples of HD Plate Making
Spot Color Testing
Mastering Standards
Analyzed the FlexiProof
Link Reference Standards
Created Background for 50th/55th Celebration
Creative vs. Technical
Team Atmosphere and Mentoring Katy's Reflection Graphics Incidents & Spoilage Report Analysis- Lisa B.
Standards Search- Marcy
Intern-Employer Brochure- Roxanne
Large Project Analysis Questionnaire- Whitney
Team Training Minutes- Bradley
Font Database- Gretchen
Picture Addition and Reorganization in Adobe Bridge- Gretchen
Government Rules and Regulations- Lisa G.
QAS Meeting Document- Lisa G.
Mail Form- Susan
Approved Standards- Randy
Color Mapping and Training- Kenny
GIT Error Analysis- April
Compiling numerous Product Line Powerpoints- Darrell
Coordinator Projects
Trysti's Reflection Projects Projects Served as a support function for the Graphics Coordinators.
Participated in numerous special projects for both internal and external use.
Became proficient in Microsoft Excel and SAP
Wrote up revisions
Did pre-checks
Wrote up non-graphics
Designed banners and posters for the 50th Anniversary celebration
Gained knowledge about working in a corporate setting
Improved my time management skills
Improved people skills
Learned how to better work in a team setting Conclusion In conclusion, the factors that determine job satisfaction include: furniture, flexibility, participation, comfort, communication, and lighting.
Thank You!
Any Questions? (Marberry)
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