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Airbnb Jan 2016 - New Hires

No description

Justin Tung

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Airbnb Jan 2016 - New Hires

New Hires - Jan 11th 2016
As a Brazil-born Chinese student, he completed his undergraduate in Economics at UC Berkeley and was introduced to cloud computing through a global stint in sustainable development at Infosys in Bangalore, India.

I grew up in the Minnesota woods where I sold Jolly Ranchers to buy a computer. I started programming when I was 9 years old and later attended Gustavus Adolphus College to study religion with a focus on Buddhist philosophy. My wife Sam, my dog Gia, and I have been living in Oakland for about 4 years, and we loved visiting Copenhagen.

Joe Lencioni
He loves traveling, having visited 5 new countries in last year, and wants to keep learning about cultures and languages (so far, he’s quadrilingual with Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin). In his down time, he enjoys homebrewing, tasting, and writing about craft beer on Grainsandyeast.com.
Software Engineer, SF
Born in a city in Southern China famous for its spicy cuisine, I always have the palate for trying out good food. After finishing school in New York, I moved to Seattle and finally settled in sunny California. I love playing and watching soccer. My favorite team is Real Madrid.

Bai Xiao

Software Engineer, SF
I was born in South India. Lived in Bay Area for the past 9 Years. I love to Play Tennis, watch Indian Movies and travel. I Love spending time with my Kids. I speak 4 Languages - Telugu, English, Hindi and Kannada.
Hemanth Kola
Genesys Tech Lead, SF
I was born in South India. Lived in Bay Area for the past 9 Years. I love to Play Tennis, watch Indian Movies and travel. I Love spending time with my Kids. I speak 4 Languages - Telugu, English, Hindi and Kannada.
Hemanth Kola
Genesys Tech Lead, SF
I discovered the perfect combination of tech / data / art / teaching while doing a PhD in computational genomics (I can explain that to you over coffee sometime): data visualization! When I'm not getting my nerd on, you can find me climbing fake rocks, going on 100 mile bike rides, or drinking fancy fermented beverages.

Chris Williams
Data Visualization Specialist, SF
I'm from Colorado and went to college in Iowa, which means I appreciate both mountains and corn fields in my travel destinations.
Ask me about Pyrenees, Spain
Hi, I’m Shunji and I will be joining the engineering team here at Airbnb. San Francisco is my forth home, after Minnesota, Singapore and Wuhan, China, which is my hometown. I love eating and preparing Chinese food. For the past few months, I have been religiously going to the Henry’s Hunan restaurant every week because I am so addicted to their food, so Airbnb’s geographical proximity is a huge bonus for me!

Shunji Li
Software Engineer, SF
Ask me about Singapore, Singapore
Loving my first week in the USA and working at Airbnb! From Melbourne, Australia, it took me three months to arrive in San Francisco, taking a not so efficient route via Panama, Sri Lanka, Italy and Morocco.

I'm very excited to be joining the Global Supply team. When not thinking about Host Retention and Loyalty I like hiking, cooking, reading novels, yoga and looking forward to learning how to sail in the San Francisco bay.

Amy Fazio
Global Host Loyalty, Global Supply, SF
Ask me about Changsha, China
Born and raised in Northern part in China, I went to school in Hangzhou and Vancouver, and moved to Seattle and now live in San Francisco. I love traveling - I want to visit at least two new countries every year and I have been exceeding expectation for the past two years. Culture exploration and outdoor adventure are my favorite when I travel. I am also a fan of good food and wine.

Lan Wu
Software Engineer, SF
Ask me about Istanbul, Turkey
Ask me about Hyderabad, India
I was born and raised in Texas, but I’ve lived in New York for the past 6 years, so it feels like my second home. I used to do costuming for TV shows there, and then impulsively decided to leave the industry to pursue software engineering. This move to SF was another impulsive decision, all thanks to the opportunity to work at Airbnb, so I’m going to need help figuring out the west coast! Also, I love Popeyes, but I’m dieting right now, so offering me some is a surefire way to make me sob my eyes out.

Constance Jiang
Software Engineer, SF
Ask me about New York, New York
I graduated from Columbia in New York. I've lived in Washington DC and now the Bay Area. I love traveling, animated movies, and excellent food and wine. Xiao long bao is my favorite food. Napa is my favourite city because I love wine.
Emma Baumstarck
Software Engineer, SF
Ask me about Napa, CA
Cal grad in the Bay Area my entire life. I love go-karting, football/basketball, and making Chinese food. My crowning achievement in high school was getting a free Washington DC trip from Science Bowl. Find me on Twitter @supsla!
Victor Lin
Software Engineer, SF
Ask me about Washington DC
I’m a software engineering student from Toronto. I love Toronto because of how multicultural it is! I enjoy running, biking, and riding roller coasters (the bigger the better). My goal is to visit all the national parks in Canada and the US. So far my favourites have been Zion and Death Valley national park!

Michelle Wong
Software Engineering Intern
Growth Team, SF
Ask me about Toronto, Canada
I am California born and bred. Grew up in Stockton, graduated from St. Mary's College in Moraga and still live in the East Bay. I am a huge sports fan who enjoys traveling to see games wherever I can. My goal is to see one on every continent.

Mike Willens
Travel and Credit Card Administrator, SF
Ask me about Stockton, CA
Justin Tung
CRM Business Systems, SF
Ask me about Sao Paulo, Brazil
Born in Vermont and raised on maple syrup and cheddar Ben likes to camp, hike, ride motorcycles, cook and eat. I love adventure and actually moved to the West Coast on a whim with 10 days notice about 6 years ago. Dog was my first word but I don’t have one yet so please let me puppysit yours while you go to lunch.
Ben McWilliams
Incident Lead, SF
Ask me about Vermont
I was born and raised in HeNan province, central China, home to four ancient capital cities and the the famous Shaolin temple. It is a shame that I didn’t learn any KongFu moves when I grew up, rather I become a huge fan of Science fictions and video games. I also enjoy watching NBA and NFL games.

Shiyang Guo
Software Engineer, SF
Ask me about Henan, China
I came from Sichuan Province, China, in the forest of which the panda eats shoots and leaves. I went to college in Beijing and graduate school in Atlanta. I love the very different cultures of all those places. In spare time you’ll most likely find me reading books. Welcome to connect with me if you are also on Goodreads.
Sophia Feng
Software Engineer, SF
Ask me about Beijing, China
I’m from Colorado and a rock nerd at heart (think granite not guitar). I have two dogs and can either be found running around in the outdoors with them or having a craft beer at a local brewery.
Nate Jones
Security Project Manager, CO
Ask me about Denver, Colorado
Although you've seen me around for some time, I am thrilled to now be officially official! I'm an Oakland resident (& Superhost!), where I love having a backyard and being able to garden. My happy place is anywhere along the California coast, especially the "Slowcoast" region around Pescadero. Otherwise, I'm really into flowers, tacos and my dog Daisy.

Alyssa Ramirez
Public Policy Project Manager, SF
Ask me about Oakland, CA
I was born in San Francisco, raised an hour’s drive north in Petaluma and am now raising my own family in The City. An avid hiker and fisherman, I’ve explored backcountry wilds on five continents but am happiest camping with my kids in the Sierra. I like all four of Northern California’s seasons: spring for gardening, summer for Giants games, fall for political campaigns and winter for crabbing off the coast.
Patrick Hannan
Public Policy Manager, SF
Ask me about SF, California
Hi I’m Will. I was born just outside of Brighton on the south coast of England and now live in London. I feel lucky to have visited 60 countries across the world and now want to empower others to do the same. Before I went to university I worked at Walt Disney World in Florida and I’ve also spent time living in the Middle East.
Will Dawson
Mobilization Manager - EMEA/APAC

Ask me about London, England
Ask me about Copenhagen, Denmark
I grew up in Montana, met my wife in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m excited to get back to the great outdoors. I plan to show my two kids how to struggle (mightily) to be good at fishing. I love beer, and looking forward to sampling all the microbrews in the Portland area. During free time, and with my family, I also look forward to enjoying things like skiing, hiking, and taking brewery tours. Did I mention beer…….?

Darin Evenson
Head of Customer Experience
North America - Portland, OR

Ask me on Germany
Hi everyone I'm Ross. I was born in Houston Texas but have been living in Dallas for the past few years. This is my fourth time moving back to California and hopefully the last. I love the people and culture of the city but most of all the people that I get to work around at AirBnB.
Ross Ethridge
Sr. IT Ops Engineer, SF
Ask me about Antigua, Caribbean
I’m from Changchun, China, which is city in northeastern China and it’s Alaska-cold there during winter. Although coding is my job, being photographer is the real Tianhe and that’s my motivation for travel, check out https://500px.com/tianhe for my photos, they’re just way more beautiful than my words.

Tianhe Wang
Software Engineer, SF
Ask me about Changchun, China
Born in Philadelphia. Lifelong Flyers and Eagles fan. Political hack who spent enough years in SF to learn some tech and social media. I can't live without my family and friends, a new adventure, good food to cook and eat and the "salmon bacon" at Shelsky's Smoked Fish in Brooklyn every now and again.

Theo Yedinsky
Global Digital Director for Public Policy
New York City

Ask me about Brooklyn, NY
Hi! I'm Christopher, a student from the University of Waterloo in Canada and am just starting my internship here at Airbnb. :D I'm a dual citizen of Canada and Germany, having grown up on the very east coast of Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia and spending all of my summers in Cologne, Germany or other European countries. Besides taking cheezy photos of the places I visit, I spend my free time quenching my wanderlust, learning astronomy / astrophysics and playing instrumental ukulele.

Christopher Mitcheltree
Software Engineering Intern, PandA Team, SF

Ask me about Fiji
Ask me about Melbourne, Australia
Hi, I’m Zola. I’m an undergrad at Johns Hopkins, although I’m taking this semester off to work at Airbnb. :) I’m originally from the DC metro area (I’ve lived in all three parts: DC, VA, and MD). I love classical music (I play the double bass), so I’m looking forward to seeing the SF Symphony live for the first time!
In my free time I’m learning Korean and would love to live in South Korea in the future.
Zola Bridges
Software Engineering Intern,
Data Infrastructure, SF

Ask me about Seoul, South Korea
I've lived in Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and San Diego. I love camping in the desert, trying new craft beers, competitive potlucks, and building furniture. I have a sweet small dog named Ada who loves to play at the park. I’ve been an architect, an art teacher, a wallet designer, and a photo booth builder. I love building forts and surreal interactive art installations.
Laura Skelton

Software Engineer, iOS Team, SF
Ask me about Chicago, IL
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