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Benefit for Student

No description

Ambrosia Keefe

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Benefit for Student

Loose control
Bad credit score
High interest rates
Annual fees
Pitfall for Student
Benefit for Credit Card
Pitfall for Credit Card
The Commercial
Teacher Quotes
Benefit for Student
Students unable to pay debt
Less college campus support
Students give up card
70-80% of students end up in debt
Good marketing
Start and keep customer
Why do credit card companies promote credit cards to college students?
Ms. Holliarcus:
"because they may not be fully aware of what it means (repaying, interest, credit score). College student may also have many expenses on things that they want to buy but not have cash for it."
Good credit
Budget programs
Less cash to carry
Internet purchase
Credit Cards
What did you know about credit cards in your first year at college?
Ms. Swibel:
"That it is really important to pay your balence on time."
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