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English 103 Presentation about tattoos.

David Tarsha

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Tattooing

You should get a tattoo! Medical Alert Bracelets vs Medical Alert Tattoos Medical Alert Tattoo
Helpful for EMS and Bystanders The practice of tattooing has existed in human culture for millions of years.
Only recently has the concept of tattooing been taboo in society. Fortunately the taboo of tattoos is becoming a thing of the past "Don't judge a book by its cover" "Dress your best"
"Make a good first impression" There are logical and balanced ways to judge by appearance What can we find out? Getting a tattoo! Deep connection
Professional Artist
Accurate of who you are What Tattoo will you get? Posture Clothing Health Tattoos then, and now. Biker era
Worldly accepted Why would you want to get a tattoo Hobby
Favorite Character
Life Motto
Religious Tattoos are permident! Spelling errors
Messy penmenship Clean Tattoos Needle clean
Trusted artist
After the tattoo Before getting a tattoo Permanent
No mistakes
What will others think Essence- experiences we undergo over the course of our lives, as various forces we encounter along the way shape us.
“Human beings come into the world with no fixed essence” Natural Environment
The most powerful material forces that shape human nature is the surrounding of an individual
As humans we feel the need to belong in a group, while equally needing to be an important individual that contributes to society.
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