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Analysing the Assignment: AD101 Who, What, Where, When & How

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Torrens University

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Analysing the Assignment: AD101 Who, What, Where, When & How










Briefs are supposed to explain what you should do for an assignment, but they're not always crystal clear.
This guide will teach you how to analyse the brief, and make sure you're writing exactly what is required of you.
Not all briefs look the same, but they all have:
or Instructions
Learning outcomes being assessed
Details / Instructions
"Learning outcomes" shows you what will be learnt by doing the assignment. Knowing this helps you to focus when planning, researching and writing.
TIP: Check with your lecturer to see whether the learning outcomes refer to the subject, or to the assignment.
The Description tells you what the assignment is about.

For more help have a look at key words in the Academic Writing Guide.
TIP: Pay close attention to the words being used.
They indicate what kind of writing structure is required.
Ex.: "Analyse" does not mean the same thing as "explain".
The "Details / Instructions" section is designed to further explain the assignment. Nevertheless, it's always a good idea to check what you've understood with your classmates and lecturers.
TIP: Academic Support staff can also help you to interpret your brief, if all else fails.
Centre for Learning and Academic Skills Support
This was a quick guide to finding information on your assignment brief.

Now, it's a matter of understanding it.

Consult the "Common Instructions and their Meaning" section of the Academic Writing Guide if you need help.
Produce a written report with accompanying visuals on an individual who has influenced design.
Produce a written and a visual report about your person, in the style of your chosen person and discuss how your subject has influenced contemporary design, with reference to influential events and technology in their era.
Socio-economic background
Cultural developments
Global situation/developments
Developments (art and design movements)
The importance of the person to the question
Time and place (context)
The impact of the person on contemporary design. Critique (further application or implementation)
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