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Poetry in Motion-Shakespearean Sonnets

No description

Caroline Trottier

on 21 June 2015

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Transcript of Poetry in Motion-Shakespearean Sonnets

Harsh words and fake friends fill the narrow halls,
Awkward moments are more present than not.
Heart broken girls cry in the bathroom stalls,
Popularity is frequently bought.

The green eyed monster kills it’s beholders,
They’re all hoping to obtain perfection.
Insecurites lowering shoulders,
They smile then pick at their reflection.

A place where social status defines us,
The stress and anxiety take over.
Confiding in people who break our trust.
Feeling the depression getting closer.

After the dreadful days spent among peers,
We finally say cheers to the teenage years.

I approach you, my stomach tied in knots,
Trying to think of a way to tell you.
This is harder than in my wildest thoughts,
I hope things will stay the way they used to.

As the dreaded words flow out of my mouth,
A large weight is lifted off my shoulders.
I am so grateful it didn’t go south,
‘Cause my feelings were on rollercoasters.

Your reaction surprised me very much.
You told me it’s okay to be that way.
I didn’t think you would react as such
When I would confess to you I am gay.

It feels so good to finally be out.
It feels so good it makes me want to shout.

Secondary 4 Enriched English-Shakespearean Sonnets
Poetry in Motion
She is told : cross your legs and cover up
She gets honked at and looked over
At the bus stop, this as a paper cup
She waits for the day gender will not own her

Objectification dropped daily
Degrading women has become the norm
I think we have lost touch, this is crazy
Society encourages this art form

Immune to the system we don’t realize
With all of these restrictions, we choke
Ladies, have you heard? You are not his prize
Men should know that girls aren’t here to provoke

Equality shouldnt not be feminism
I think it is time to unlearn sexism

My aunt can't go in public anymore
It appears she wears a weapon on her head
Chastised for not revealing a lot more
Deprived of elucidating and self-defense

No place here for sympathy only hate
The open-minded nation passed away
But for some this is a matter of faith
To Allahu Akbar we pursue to pray

We should all be the same is what they say
Yet diversity is where we get our fame
Who would want to take this treasure away?
People like I can’t endorse this campaign

One shouldn’t feel excluded in this city
You can and it has a name: Law 60
A Silly Society Sonnet
Today’s society, slowly sinking
Waters of greed washing out all our hope
At once, polluting, discriminating
Our hands, slipping from the last standing rope

The government’s guns are pointing at us
Leaving us without power, without force
They see us struggle, barely make a fuss
It leaves us hangin’ there, right there, midcourse

Ripping us apart, all making us rage
Convincing us that the past will be back
But all they need to do is turn the page
And it will be finished like a a quick hack

Society, walking to it’s own death
It can only be saved by our own breaths

Collecting shells on a warm summer day
Is like playing games at the slot machine,
Finding the guy that will be the one to stay,
Searching a costume for next Halloween.

I will be walking down the sandy beach,
Seeking for a prize at each passing wave,
Thinking of a theme for my high school speech,
Hoping to find a mighty shell to save.

Some may think that these objects lack value.
However, used as tokens of friendship,
They can lead to eventual breakthrough,
Or a way to get rid of your hardships.

Collecting shells can be a way to bide,
If you have someone to be by your side.
Boy, Girl or Neither
So what is a boy, and what is a girl?
Is there even a way to label us?
Fag, dyke, trannie, it’s so easy to hurl.
Why all this discrimination and fuss?

Those who do not conform and do not fit
the models our society has decided on,
not a “he” or a “she”, will be called an “it”.
Where have ou-r basic human rights gone?

Some say boundaries are necessary,
need to differentiate Jane from John.
Biology equals identity.
They say there is no place for a black swan.

But whatever your gender, you’ll always stay
a beautiful soul, in every way.
From Beginning to End
To live a life to its fullest,
Is to work towards all of your dreams
And to finish them to their fullest.
For life is not simple beams

Of hope, but all the dedication
That one puts into his most greatest goal.
If it’s to be, the greatest musician,
Or to dance in front of the greatest whole,

For only effort and perseverance
Could bring us to the greatest of thy highs.
But with effort come the reference
To an order, to one that your adroit.

To pass on knowledge that one has learned,
To complete one’s life with a noble adjourned.

This is something I just can’t understand,
How people who claim to be pure of heart,
Can hate another for love that wasn’t planned,
It’s how they were made from the very start.

Marriage is between a male and female,
That’s the way God intended things to be,
How relationships seem to always fail,
Is the only thing that seems wrong to me.

Bereave them of this right to prove their love,
Like telling the blazing sun to glow dim,
Would be against what was sent from above,
Love that is not shared should be the sole sin.

Homosexuality has been feared,
But it’s time for the tables to be cleared.
War and Pain
It feels like nobody is around me
Even if we are all in a long, straigt line.
I had to do it, had to go oversea
I hope to see my child’s eyes when they shine.

To conquer others, to gain more power
They send men on the field to do their work.
‘It’s your hour’, they say, ‘for us you’ll suffer’.
The worst part is... They say it with a smirk.

‘Do it for your family, do it for you.
Most of all, do it for your homeland.
With some people like you, our country grew.’
They think we’re stupid and can’t understand.

War shaped our world, and changed our hearts.
At once, it helped us and blew us in parts.
Hatred for Poetry
My Heaven at Night
I like to sleep because my bed is great.
I’d lay dolls next to me, in case I fall
And snuggle a soft sheep like a soul mate,
As I stare at the stars on my white wall.

I love sleep because it feels like a plane.
I’d travel the world of dreams any day
And never a slumber would go in vain.
So, dear exams and essays, please make way.

I adore sleep because it is stress free.
I’d drift far away for a thousand years
And escape from the rough reality.
With no fears, I bid farewell to my tears.

Yet, I lack beauty sleep in the morning.
Maybe that’s why he left, my prince charming.
Success is not about the destination
It’s about your own journey to the summit
Pain, hard work, effort and inspiration
Learn to make goals and surpass your limits

It takes strategy, luck, pleasure and skill
It takes positivity to believe
In your concentrated power of will
Time after time will it take to achieve

Perserverance and opportunity
Opening all the doors to your futur acts
Makes you stronger and builds immunity
Because people’s opinions are not facts

Push yourself to reach your full potential
Because your self-belief is essential

Who You Are
You are lost in your devastated mind
Trying to deal with your major issue
You scream, you cry and then you become blind
You push away what was needed for you

You waited for someone to rescue you
But nobody was there when you called out
Now you are wondering if you’ll get through
You feel alone, abandoned and left out

The tears can no longer stream down your cheeks
Thoughts in your head are completely unclear
Your lips are glued and you just cannot speak
Your biggest fears are starting to appear

Stuck in a place where you do not belong,
You try to find who you are, but it’s wrong
"We don't read and write poetry because it's cute.
We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race.
And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life.
But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.
To quote from Whitman, "O me! O life!... of the questions of these recurring; of the endless trains of the faithless... of cities filled with the foolish; what good amid these, O me, O life?" Answer. That you are here - that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.
That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be...?"
-John Keating, The Dead Poets Society

Power Is a Shadow
A sellsword stands in a room with a sword,
Within the blade is the power of life.
Faced by a king, a priest and a rich lord,
All three plead mercy from the piercing knife.

The priest swears a blessing to spare his soul,
The king vows for greatness, honor and land
And the lord shows a purse heavy with gold,
Yet the power is in the sellsword’s hand.

It’s curious that men’s pride is of lies:
They believe that jewelry wields control.
Power is where men believe it resides,
It’s a lie, a shadow gloomy as coal.

Without this illusion awaits our doom.
The sellsword and the lord stroll out the room.
On the wide lawn stood a short little girl.
Her chunky face was as round as a bowl.
The wind blew, her pigtails looked like a swirl.
Between her tiny teeth remained a hole.

Waterfall of words slid out of her lips.
An innocent smile bloomed her puffy cheeks.
She could cause trouble with her fingertips.
Tears rolled down her face when she heard critiques.

Her universe turned around many toys.
Time flied whenever she watched a cartoon.
She enjoyed playing hide and seek with boys.
Swimming was her main hobby during june.

She is now on the edge of womanhood,
Wishing she could return to her childhood.

Night Loner
Roaming the darkness absorbing my body,
The neons shining on my scars and eyes.
Not a life I chose, it was thrown to me.
This city is my kingdom, no surprise,

Prince of vice and lies, my gun in my vest.
I don’t like this life and everything involved.
Never looking back, on this eternal quest,
To get back to my son the only one I loved.

Left alone, left for dead in this cruel world.
The things i’ve seen, they say god helps the man.
After all, this is probably not what I deserved.
I can’t make mistakes, doing the best I can.

This white powder is some people’s door, where’s mine?
I just hope I see it before I flatline.
Don’t judge until you try it, they say
Poetry, Poetry, I hate it
There’s no colors to it, it’s always gray
I really don’t like it a single bit

I’m getting tired of all the short lines
And having to make some pretty smart rimes
It’s almost like being stuck in some vines
I feel restrained as if I did a crime

Ugh! And right now I see myself rushing
To complete a text I don’t even like
I hope this work won’t be for nothing
Jeez! It only makes me feel like a tyke

This shows my hatred toward poetry
I now finished so it feels like glory

True Love
My world before you came was so dark
But one lonely day I saw your beautiful face.
My usual dark days have found a spark¸.
That i may finally embrace

The beautiful light that shines so bright.
The sky has never been so blue
Or the clouds have never been so white.
And I would like to thank you

For bringing me hapiness.
I thought there was no hope for me.
To find love, i would have been hopeless
And if you think i dont love you, i disagree.

You are my true love, you are irreplaceable
Because you are the most valuable.

Sonnet 1
It’s 3 am and my thoughts woke me up.
The thought of you being with this other girl.
I can’t believe you’re a player, grow up.
You told me I was your precious little pearl.

I now fully understand the meaning.
The real meaning of a beautiful lie.
Those words you’ve said, oh how they were touching.
The sparks I have felt, well they slowly die.

But if you loved me, why did you leave me ?
I actually thought you were different.
Where did I go wrong ? can you please tell me ?
We use to be so close, now we’re distant.

My fear had happened; we drifted apart.
I don’t know why but you have torn my heart.

One Last Beat
Strong as the ocean yet so very shy,
I spend all my days wandering alone.
They may not see me though i don’t know why,
It seems like i can not find my way home.

Do not get me wrong, I do like it here,
Though I still do not know where I belong.
I can not concentrate I fear my dear,
I’ve been surrounded by bones for so long.

You do not smile as much as you used to,
You can barely catch a single beat.
And I swear what I am saying is true,
I think I have reached the end of this street.

Everyone is around, everyone around me
Everyone is around, around you and me.
Tortured by Her Own Mind
Lying in bed she stares at the ceiling
her rumbling stomach leaves indifferent
since she quit food she can't feel anything
insensitivity is convenient

day by day as the numbers keep to drop
her weak body becomes unhealthier
until she is underweight she wont stop
she knows happy endings are not for her

she prefers to stay inside all alone
than going out and being with her friends
she needs to hide until she see's her bones
because that is all that counts in the end

she does not realize she is skinny
because her mind bullies her own body
Dear Future Self
From the beginning of my existence
I feared the future instead of monsters
I thought it would grab me in the distance
And create perpetual disasters

If I could just advise my future self
I'd tell her to neglect her salary
And dispose it for a while on a shelf
To calmly create her own gallery

Life is not about proving your success
To your insignificant entourage
Since life is a neverending recess
Which anyone could sadly sabotage

Oh how I wish she would longly admire
Her accomplishments and forget desires
Through My Eyes
She looked around her, she could only see
Flawless people surrounding the blemished.
She yearned to resemble them so badly
But she only ended up demolished.

She then realized, what is beautiful?
Her hips’ width, some dull digits on the scale;
Or the brightness of her smile, so cheerful?
Her true beauty, she has yet to unveil.

Nowadays, the only flaws she perceives
Are ghosts of her past in her vivid eyes.
In her own perfection she now believes,
To the envious stares she now says goodbye.

Because there is no standards for beauty,
You only have to love yourself deeply.

Concrete Surfing
Freestyle is way harder than it looks like;
The sprained ankles, bruised shins, countless attempts
Until fear is put out, you’ll never strike
One day you will land it, filled with contempt

A wooden surfboard on a concrete wave
Flowing through the streets, what a masterpiece
Stabilize yourself, feet locked in concave
A sunset, a road, a board, bliss and peace

My half-broken board is like my best friend
Kick, push, faster, out of your comfort zone
Slow down, breathe and focus, push that back end
Slowly slide your wheels, into the unknown

Skating and concrete surfing aren’t the same
The only distinction is in a flame.

Basketball Is My Favorite Sport
Basketball is my life and my passion,
When I have a ball, I am filled with joy,
Playing this sport gave me an obsession,
The sound the net makes, that’s what I enjoy;

People call me the baller, sharpshooter,
When it’s clutch time, I become mister clutch,
I make it rain, just like the rainmaker,
Going down the lane, I bring the soft touch;

When i am playing and i hear the crowd,
Feeling really tired and exhausted,
It is one of the things that makes me proud,
But still afraid of being ejected;

If you want to play just give me a call,
What is life without any basketball?

Ha ha ha, the joyous sound of laughter
Unites people in a wonderful way.
Helps you overcome misery faster,
The sound helps disremember your bad day.

Laughter is a universal language
That you can with use with friends or enemies.
Laughing is not something you can manage,
Mainly during fun and crowded parties.

Laughter is life’s most precious remedy,
A cure with no side effect but pleasure,
Leaving you clapping loud and breathlessly
Laughter can be someone’s greatest treasure.

Sometimes, laughter is a nervous reaction,
Although, it turns out into a passion.

The Olympic Games
The Olympics, the pinnacle of sport.
Winter, summer, athletes of all countries;
There are no other people of the sort,
Competing in the sun or through the trees.

Bodies as controlled as a surgeon’s hand,
Achieved through hours of intense training.
Their preformances, like a statue, grand,
Not caring wether sunny or raining.

Minds tough as the inner core of the earth,
Forged by mistakes and past failiures.
When there is victory they fill with mirth,
And the pain of a loss their passion cures.

Through pain and hardship, through darkness or light,
The Olympics, every athlete’s delight.
Stay Strong
Knees going weak from the pressure, crumbling
Earth’s gravity slowly pulling me down
Shoulders struggling to hold the weight, trembling
Breathing heavy, like I’m about to drown

Yet I steadily bring my head back up
I think about everyone around me
They are snickering, but I won’t succumb
Straight-ning my back, I stand tall and stately

I glimpse at their stares and I fake a smile
I walk away, every step fierce and strong
The floor always looks closer than the sky
But I take a deep breath and I move on

Feeling the darkness start to surround me
Like a star, I shine as bright as can be
Crispy Delight
Bacon is an art, more than anything
It is a delicacy that you eat.
When you hear its name, you can’t stop drooling.
There is a whole religion about it...

Praise the Lord for Baconism my brother,
Bacon strips are the arrows of Cupid!
Grandmas be like : You should take another,
Fatten up, you look like a skinny squid!

I am eager to discover bacon,
As it is, not just for the taste of it,
But for its history and creation.
That is the true reason I must admit.

Don’t you dare say that it is too greasy,
It’s not an excuse, they make it fat free!
Take a pencil and paper out, let’s rhyme,
Brainstorm up a storm inside of my mind,
Cannot take too long and pass the max time,
The pressure is putting me in a bind.

Try to translate my thoughts into writing
There are too many rules to abide by
Ten syllables that i need to make ring,
Fourteen lines long is long that is no lie,

I start writing and I feel like Shakespeare,
I am half way done this is not so bad,
Gain confidence and away goes the fear,
My journey is ending I’m kinda sad,

This sonnet has taught so many things
Like escape the pressure and spread your wings.

You've Got Something I Need
When I first noticed you that summer day,
My arms and legs weakened and my mind blurred.
It was like I speeded on the highway
Or like I was flying high like a bird.

After, all I could give you was a look,
Till I realized we needed to talk,
But I didn’t think I had what it took
So I kept the words tight behind a lock.

Since that summer day nigh six months ago,
I’ve haven’t stopped thinking about all this,
But my thoughts haven’t been clearing up though.
Nonetheless, I’m still hoping for that kiss.

I wish this will end happily, indeed,
Simply because you've got something I need.

High School
Fresh start, new beginning, big hopes and dreams,
Young and wild, carefree and just having fun,
All achieving the top of our extremes.
Then you realise: it’ll soon be done.

Skipping classes, wandering through the halls,
I already can’t stand this pile of work.
Tis’ too bad I’m stuck in between these walls.
On top of that, I sit next to a jerk.

Backstabbing, rumours: not really worthwhile,
Growing up by learning new lessons.
Just keep you head held high and fake a smile
Through the roller coaster of emotions.

All the movies draw such pretty pictures,
When it’s really just boring lecture.
Simple Joys
Sleeping in on a cold and rainy day,
Singing in the shower very loudly,
Emptying your heavy bladder away,
Choosing an outfit to leave home proudly.

Laughing so hard that tears stream down your face,
Being paid an unexpected compliment,
Thinking of memories you can’t replace,
Catching the bus at the perfect moment.

Coming home to a freshly made supper,
Receiving hugs from a person you love,
Putting on warm clothes straight out the dryer,
Gazing up at the twinkling stars above.

Life can be greatly unpleasant and tough.
Grasp the simple joys, it won’t be as rough.

Then and Now
It all started about two years ago
He was the first boyfriend I ever had
Little did I know he would let me go
I hid it well, but I was pretty sad

When I saw him again this past July
It felt like my heart dropped and skipped a beat
I knew that I really loved this guy
Now, without him I would be incomplete

The way I feel for him I can’t explain
His smile alone can light up my whole day
Our memories keep running through my brain
And I wouldn’t want it any other way

I will keep falling for him every day
So I hope that his love for me will stay

An Olympic Mogul Run
Snow flakes fall around him while he is steady
Visualizing what is to be done
The starter asks him if he is ready
He is, down he goes and he starts his run

Gathering speed as he skis through moguls
Like an eagle flying into the clouds
Not to fast not to slow while he struggles
keeping control for himself to be proud

Suddenly the jumps raise such as snow walls
he does what he has practiced for four years
executes it and lands under applauses
And finishes under his parents tears

Long, hard work for this evaluation
he performed in front of all the nation
More Than A Game
Speeding down the court as fast as a jet,
Every dribble I take is with intensity.
Pulling up and banking it in the net,
Fans start chanting my name passionately.

That shot was made in result of practice.
The time I’ve spent in gyms is endless.
The day I stop will be filled with sadness.
Until then, my time on the court is precious.

People play basketball to achieve fame,
I just play it for fun and to get away.
To me, the sport is much more than a game,
Something that was taught to me by M.J.

At any time of the day, from dusk until dawn,
My basketball shoes will always be on.
Carnage Across the Channel
In front of the fireplace, sipping on scotch,
Thinking of a place across the Channel
The old man slowly glances at his watch
Still fresh in his mind, the yelling colonel

If hell were made of lead, he found it there
The Devil and his men, crossing the Rhine
Fearless men wouldn’t even give a care
Waiting in the trenches, he heard a whine

As fast as he could, he crawled out the pits
The others followed, and all hell broke loose
It was the conflict to end all conflicts
Further back, a man was tying a noose

Survive, the man did. Regrets, he still has
Thank God though, he said, I escaped the gaz.

Living with Parents As A Teen
Why can’t they just hear what I have to say?
I am screaming from ten feet underground
They just twist all my words in such a way
That I swear, makes my head spin all around.

Of course I know I have an attitude,
In reality, so do many teens,
Hence, can they please except me to be rude?
And not treat me like I’m in the marines.

I know I must follow all their orders,
I am the sheep, and they are my shepherd.
Certainly, sometimes they cross the borders,
Yet, I have no say, I am outnumbered.

In two more years I will be an adult,
I hope things will then be less difficult.

Sonnet 24
Two sides to every souls exterior,
some wonderful and others deceiving.
One may say they are the road to failure,
but here are some flaws as i am trusting.

The cool kingdom of procrastination,
there I am crowned the only ice cold queen.
Where I rule an entire frozen ocean,
where I leave nothing to be squeaky clean.

Indecisiveness makes it on the list.
It’s where the absence of efficiency
defies with being a perfectionist
and causes a dreadful emergency.

These weaknesses are part of my story,
and no matter how severe, my glory.

The Beautiful Game
Soccer is a sport about devotion,
The harder you train the more you will gain.
All this to control the ball in motion,
On and off the pitch is all about pain.

To be a good player you must think quickly,
Be able to adapt at any time
And have the mind power to train yearly.
All this to hopefully reach your own prime.

The feeling of satisfaction is great,
It comes to you when you finally win.
Losing a game makes you constantly hate,
It stays in your mind all week like a sin.

A sport like soccer deserves to be known,
This explains the reason why it has grown.

Sonnet 1
At the top of the majestic mountain
Tall, svelte, he was ready mind and body
He started his fast descent to obtain
The top speed to his full ability

The skier, focused, sharp and in control
Knew by heart all the tight curves of the slope
He felt like one with the hills in his soul
No more doubts,the steep ridge is in his scope

Fearless, facing the wind racing by him
Adrenaline pumping in his big heart
Excited, feeling the thrill to its rim
Free, alive and impatient to restart

The call of the mountain and all its white
Change to ecstasy and wonder his fright
Rising from a Struggle
Thirteen years old is when it all began ,
Bony and lanky only five foot four,
Joined a track team but I had never ran,
Too bad soccer had taken the back door.

The first year was great all wins no losses,
Twenty Thirteen is when it all broke down,
We traveled to a number of places,
But I could not find a smile just a frown.

Canada Games we’re truly horrific,
My mind and body playing tug of war,
I just needed to give myself a kick,
Had no time to lay the fault at one’s door.

Made changed and now i’m doing just fine,
This year will definetely be mine.

The Truth about Society
Why does society have to be ugly?
Why do so many people find it true?
It defines many of us, even me.
If it gets to you, it will destroy you.

Some, still searching for an identity.
Trying too hard to be like everyone.
While others, give up on society.
But, low self-esteem is better than none.

Why is it this way, why do people mind?
What if people would ignore each other?
Then, we would just live and simply be kind.
Thoughts of some judging, why does it bother?

We should just live our lives and shouldn’t care.
Believe in yourself, you’ll be glad, I swear.

Optimism (The Book Thief)
Let me tell you a tale, a sad, sad spiel
This is a story that will make you cry
Something that might not totally be real,
Something that’ll bring a tear to your eye

It’s about Liesel, a poor, poor creature
Abandoned by her parents; communists
Taken by the Hubermanns; real teachers
Nazi Germany; war, fatalities

Seize the day, make best of your relations
I say: carpe diem, time is a thief
The Book Thief, Liesel’s true desperation
Hans died, Rosa died, a crisis of grief

And, Liesel, although I know what you feel
There is one thing you have to know; time heals
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