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NSO Fall 2014

No description

George Baird

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of NSO Fall 2014

Commit to Complete Your Program!
Welcome to
New Student Orientation
Fall 2014

Becoming a Successful Wright College Student
Policies, Rules, Regulations and Satisfactory Academic Progress
Chapter 1:
Becoming a Successful Student at Wright College

Chapter 3:
Policies, Rules, Regulations, and Satisfactory Academic Progress

Tools for College Success
Chapter 4:
Tools for College Success

Admissions and Registration Checklist
Presents the complete steps for admission and registration.
Guides you through the process as you move forward from Orientation.

The SuccessNavigator™ link can be found by going to http://successnavigator.ets.org

The SuccessNavigator™ takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. All information gathered from this study will remain confidential.

You will not be able to access your placement test results without completing this assessment.
Placement Tests
Foundational Studies Level II
Foundational Studies Level I
Accurate placement ensures student success and completion/graduation.
Placement Sequence
Reading 99
English 98
English 100
Reading 125
English 101
{college level}
p. 17
Validation: Writing and Reading - 1 year
Math - 1 year, but can be
retaken after three months.
Incoming college students may have to take the FREE placement tests.
Tests are given in Math, Reading, and Writing.
Allow at least one hour per test.
These tests are important; don't rush through.
The tests are first-come, first-served, so
there's no need to sign up.

Come prepared. You should bring:
a photo ID
a pen or pencil
a calculator (not a graphing calculator)
Take the placement exams seriously.

Accurate class placement will save you time and money. Here is an example:
Pop Quiz!
Mr. Brown went grocery shopping to buy meat for his annual office picnic. He bought 7/34 pounds of hamburger, 17.85 pounds of chicken, and 6/12 pounds of steak. How many pounds of meat did Mr. Brown buy?

A. 32.10
B. 31.31
C. 18.55
D. 22.10
E. 21.10
1. You will take the Placement Test in three subjects: ___________,
___________, and ___________.

2. The Placement Test may take at least ________ hours to complete.

3. You are required to bring a __________ and a _______________ in order to take the Placement Test.
C: 18.55
Additional resources:
Attend a Writing Prep Workshop
Math Center (S305)
Tutoring Center (A245)
Wright in Your Corner (S100)
Use online resources:
Wright College website
p. 19
p. 20
Budgeting Your Time
are classes you must complete before taking a higher level course. You must have the proper prerequisites completed and
verified before registering.

Taking classes in their respective
is important to your success. Subject content builds,
so taking the prerequisite course lays the foundation for the courses that follow.

Prerequisites, Sequence, and
Class Schedule
You Have Class Options!
Traditional Classes
p. 27
Other Placement
ACT (American College Testing)

webCAPE (World Language Placement Test)
Only students who intend to enroll in Spanish or French courses
and have prior knowledge
of the language should take the webCAPE.
Students can take the webCAPE online at their own convenience.
Advisors will use the results to place students in the appropriate level and to help them plan remaining courses while at CCC.

Budgeting Your Cost
What are your payment options?
Financial Aid Nelnet Payment Plan
Cash / Check Credit Card
Scholarships Third-Party Payment
How can you buy
Akademos/Textbookx: Wright College's new Virtual Bookstore.
Compare online options wisely.
Take advantage of bookswaps.
Ventra U-PASS
The U-PASS provides full-time students unlimited rides on any CTA bus or train during an academic term. The U-PASS is a privilege so handle it carefully.
p. 33
p. 32
Review Chapter One:
1. Why should the placement tests be taken seriously?
2. What are learning community classes?
3. How many courses/credit hours are recommended for a student working full time?
What should you do in the NSO?
Follow along with the Notebook (corresponding page numbers are listed in the lower right corner of the presentation).
Ask questions when necessary.
Take notes.
What will the NSO cover?
Educational programs and plans at Wright.
Support services for students.
Policies regarding registration and classes.
Tools needed to make academic and career-related decisions.
Gateway Advising & Transfer Center
Room A120
p. 37
Transfer Success Program
p. 41
Step 1: Choose your transfer pathway.
Take a free career assessment using FOCUS-2. Meet with your advisor. Attend a Transfer Major Workshop.

Step 2: Choose your transfer school.
Search college websites, meet with college representatives, attend college fairs.

Step 3: Prepare to transfer.
Meet with your advisor each semester to determine eligibility for graduation and transferability of coursework. Check with destination school for deadlines and transfer process.
"Begin with the end in mind."
- Steven Covey
Transfer Credit Evaluation
All transfer students must submit all official college/university transcript to the Records Office in Room A129.

Make an appointment with a college advisor in Room A120 to request an evaluation of your transcript. A formal transfer credit evaluation will be done by a transfer credit evaluator
only upon request.

Evaluation of foreign credentials requires a separate process. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to review the process.
p. 40

Additional Student Support Services
Student Services - Admissions and Testing (Room L131)
Disability Access Center (Room L135)
The Wellness Center (Room S106)
Veterans Support and Referral Services (Room S132)
Coordination with Financial Aid/Certifying Official for GI Educational Benefits
Request military transcripts for college credit
Referrals for community services (employment, counseling, VA benefits, unemployment benefits)
Help with deployment issues impacting college program

p. 43
p. 44
Student Support Services
Math Lab (Room S305)
pp. 35-36
Student Support Services
Wright in Your Corner (Room S100)
Career Planning and Placement Center (Room S128)
Student Activities
(Room S134)
pp. 35-36
The City Colleges of Chicago course catalog gives requirements for the degree and certificate programs offered at all seven City Colleges.

The catalog gives course descriptions of all classes offered at the City Colleges, including Wright College.

General information on admissions, student services, and the academic calendar can be found in this book.

You can view the college catalog at www.ccc.edu/menu/Pages/Academic-Catalog.aspx
Planning for Success
CCC Academic Catalog
p. 45
Transfer to a 4-year institution?
Pursue an occupational program to enter the workforce?
Transfer Degrees
Occupational Programs
Associate in Arts (AA)
Associate in Science (AS)
Associate in Engineering Science (AES)
Associate in Music Performance (AFA)
Associate in General Studies (AGS)
What is your program/goal at Wright College?
What plan/degree are you pursuing?
Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
Advanced Certificate
Basic Certificate
What is your focus area?
Most degrees have a Human Diversity requirement.
Note: Not all
programs and
plans are financial
aid eligible.
p. 46
What is your transfer destination?
Review of Chapter 2
True or False:
My assigned college advisor's office is in S100.
I should draft my Education/Transfer Plan after I've been in school for at least two semesters.
Writing Center services are free.
Transferring credits in? Transferring to a 4-year school?
What classes should I take?



One Additional Course

College Success

(if required)
(if prerequisites met)
How do I register for classes?
All new students must register with an advisor. Sign up for an advising session.
Financial Aid Office (Room A128)
(pp. 11-12)
Once-a-Week Courses
Saturday Seminars
Learning Communities
Center for Distance Learning
Payment is due at the time of registration!
Stretch your legs!
Let's take a 10 minute break.
Student Policy Manual
All policies approved and adopted by Wright College through the City Colleges of Chicago are located in this handbook:


These policies include:

p. 49
Refund/Withdrawal Policy
Full tuition refunds are available, minus any applicable fees, if processed during the first seven days of the start of class for the regular session (or equitable time period for special sessions) without incurring penalty.
No refund will be allowed if a student formally withdraws after the first seven days of class.

Revisions to your Study List (class schedule) should be made before the semester starts and/or prior to the class refund date. Please refer to your Study List (class schedule) for refund dates.
p. 50
Sample Study List
Student Initiated Withdrawals (WTH)

- It is the student's responsibility to officially withdraw from courses when it becomes necessary. Failure to withdraw may result in mandatory payment of tuition/fees and/or a failing grade.
No-Show Withdrawals (NSW)
- Students who do not attend the first two class sessions of any class, or the first class of a once-a-week class, for which they have registered will be marked as "No Shows" and dropped from the class.
Administrative Withdrawals (ADW)
- Students who fail to demonstrate active pursuit of course objectives will be administratively withdrawn at midterm.
p. 51
Types of Withdrawals
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
SAP is your academic status determined by your GPA and completion toward a degree.

pp. 52-55
SAP Review
: You must keep at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. This is a requirement for all students.

: You must successfully complete at least 67% of the courses for which you register. This is a cumulative calculation and takes into account your entire academic career.

: You must earn enough college credits to successfully complete your degree within 150% of the length of your academic program.
Again, pp. 52-55
Online Student Services:
pp. 58-59
Student Online Self-Service: my.ccc.edu
Retrieve your Student Username
before you come to registration!
Online Student Services
Once you have retrieved your username, you can use the same login and password for all our services!
____________ is an online learning tool which can be used to enhance classroom and distance learning. Students can review the syllabus for each course, access class discussion boards, and review announcements from their instructor.
____________ is the online registration system for the City Colleges of Chicago. This system can be used to register and pay for classes, check for holds and financial aid information, and view grades.
p. 58
_______________ is a free account that every student currently enrolled at the City Colleges of Chicago is assigned. All email communication from the City Colleges and Wright College will be sent to this address, so students should check the CCC email account regularly.
____________ is a web-based student support tool aimed at improving student success. With ____________ students can schedule advising and tutoring appointments online and communicate with their advisors via phone, email, text, or Facebook.
Online Student Services
Student email

p. 58-59
College Success Tips
Advice on Choosing a Major
GPA calculator
Vocabulary for College Success
"What to Ask the Professor" Checklist
Action Items for New Students
Chapter 2:
Student Services and

Any Questions?
Please take a moment to complete the evaluation.
Welcome to Wright College!
Visualizing Your Pathway
What would a successful Wright graduate say?
I met with my college advisor at least once a semester.
I communicated with my professors.
I completed my degree on time!
I used Student Support Services.
In order to achieve academic success
at Wright, you need to spend 2-3 hours studying for every hour spent in the classroom.
Placement Awarding
College Credit
ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language)

CLEP (College Level Examination Program)

AP (Advanced Placement)
ACT, webCAPE, and Wright placement test results will not be used to award credit.
25 34 (6-8 credit hours)
0 14 (15+ credit hours)
1 (3-5 credit hours)
3 4 (9-12 credit hours)
...because I took these easy steps, I stayed SAP free!
p. 21
The Financial Aid Process
Financial Aid is available for those who qualify:

Citizens and Eligible Non-Citizens
Students with a valid social security
Students who have earned a High
School Diploma or recognized
For males registered with Selected

For more information on your eligibility,
please visit www.fafsa.ed.gov
Free Application for Federal
Student Aid (FAFSA)
Seven Steps of the FAFSA
1. Student Demographics

2. School Selection

3. Dependency Status

4. Parent Demographics
(for dependent student only)

5. Financial Information

6. Sign & Submit

7. Confirmation
Retrieving your PIN is simple and easy!
Serves as an electronic signature when completing your FAFSA
Used to gain access to sign Master Promissory Note and Loan Entrance Counseling
Needed to start a Fafsa Renewal
DEPENDENT STUDENTS, your parents must also retrieve their PIN
What's next?
Before registering, don't forget to stop by the financial aid office to check your status!
Selective Service?
Another idea!
Interested in student loans?
Complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Loan Entrance Counseling at www.studentloans.gov in order to complete the student loan application process.
The Direct Loan program offers the following types of loans:

Subsidized Loans: No interest is charged while a student is in school at least half-time, nor during grace periods, or during deferment periods.

Unsubsidized Loans: Interest is charged from the first disbursement during all periods, including while the student is enrolled, during grace periods, and deferment periods.

If you are/are not interested in taking out a loan, please log in to your student portal to "ACCEPT"


“DECLINE” the loan.


Consequences for not paying back a loan?

Loans fall into default.
Bad credit! The default will prevent you from obtaining credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages.
You will be ineligible for more federal student aid.
Income tax refunds may be intercepted.

On the Agenda!

Federal student aid including:
Federal grants - Pell Grant
State grants - MAP Grant
Direct Loans- Subsidized/Unsubsidized
Remember payment is due at the time of registration!
2013-2014 Financial Aid Deadlines
FAFSA Deadline - The earliest you can file your FAFSA is January 1st of each year. The deadline to submit the 2013-2014 FAFSA is June 30 2014.

State Financial Aid Deadline - The deadline to receive the 2013-14 State MAP Grant was March 1st 2013.
Setting up your PIN
Let's log in!
The Agenda

Federal Student Aid, including:
Federal grants - Pell Grant, FSEOG
State grant - MAP Grant
Direct Loans - subsidized / unsubsidized
Work Study
For each Academic Year (July 1 - June 30),
a new FAFSA must be completed.
2014-2015 Financial Aid Deadline:
The earliest you can file your FAFSA is January 1st of each year. The deadline to submit the 2014-2015 FAFSA is June 30, 2015.
Writing Center (Room L213)
Tutoring Center
(Room A245)
Remember payment is due upon registration!
Any Questions?
(pp 6-11 in NSO Notebook)
pp. 24-26
pp. 28-29
p. 30
pp. 60-70
Student Services
and Programs

pp. 13-16
pp. 35-36
FS Math I $267.00
FS Math II $267.00
Math 99 $445.00
& 3 semesters
*Chicago Residents
p. 50
Students' rights and responsibilities
Academic policies
Appeal procedure for grading
Academic dishonesty
Student misconduct
Sample Schedule Grid
p. 57
Abbreviation Key:

POH: Professor’s Office Hours
Balancing Your Course Load
Now, remember to:
Meet with a Financial Aid advisor before you register for classes.
Collect your New Student Orientation Completion Receipt before you leave today. It is needed to take the placement tests.
Please join us for a campus tour immediately following the NSO.

Interested in Work Study?
Please speak to Career Planning and Placement located in S-130.
Make sure to indicate on your FAFSA your interest in work study.

Refer to the NSO Notebook for specific score placement.
UIC Guaranteed Admissions Transfer Program (GAT)

DePaul Admission Partnership Program (DAPP)

NEIU Middle School Math & Science Teacher Program (MSTQE)

Illinois Institute of Technology
(IL Tech) Presidential Scholarship

Lewis University Aviation Academy

Smith College and Mt. Holyoke

Signature Partnership Programs
p. 42
WC: Writing Center
SG: Study Group
Mt. Holyoke
Illinois State
Read the Student Policy Manual.
Academic and Transfer Advisement
Education Plans
Registration Services
Career Advising
Scholarship and Internship Information
Graduation Review and Application Process
4-year college or university
Placement Tests: The Basics
*Any SAP Warning/Hold may limit your access to financial aid and registration.
Save time and money.
2 classes paired together
contains course requirements, including prerequisites. A new schedule of credit courses is printed each semester. See our
website for a copy of the complete schedule.
One course/3-5 credit hours
Spotlight on Wright's
Student Services

Get Connected!
Get answers!
Attend events and workshops!
Relax and network socially with peers!
Host a student-sponsored event or activity!
English and math tutoring
Academic and Career Coaching
Peer Mentoring

Wright in Your Corner
Student Center
Our Staff
Professors (adjunct professors w/Master’s, and Ph.D)
Professional Tutors (Bachelor's, Master’s, and Ph.D level)
Student Tutors (CCC students w/ 4.0 GPA and teacher recommendation)
Certified by the National Tutoring Association, Fall 2012

Our Services
Tutoring across subjects
One -on- one (limited during peak times)
Small groups (come with your classmates!)
Pre-semester prep sessions: “What to Expect:” Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Math and more!
COMPASS Math Preparation, Math 99, and more!

Did you know?
Wright College students are eligible for free tutoring
at any CCC campus! Just bring your student ID!

The Tutoring Center
Tutoring Center: A245

Mon-Thurs, 9am-8pm
Fri, 9am-3pm; Sat 10am-4pm

Math Center: S305

Mon-Thu, 8am-9pm
Fri, 8am-2:30pm, Sat 8:30am-2:30pm
FS Math/Math 99/MOD
Gen-Ed and Upper Level Math
Level Up/Gear Up and COMPASS PREP

Tutoring Center Need to Know
reading writing
photo ID
pen or pencil
Advising Mission Statement
Academic advising services are a shared responsibility between college advisors and faculty at Wright College. Advisors and students engage in individualized, collaborative relationships that mentor, support and empower students to develop and achieve their academic and career goals.

p. 38
pp. 22-23
Foundational Studies Level II
Foundational Studies Level I
Math 99
College Level Math (Select based on your major)
Fall 2014 Schedule
First day of class Mon, August 25

Labor Day Mon, Sept 1

Midterm Wed, October 22

Last day for WTH Mon, Nov. 17

Thanksgiving Holiday Nov. 27-28

Classes end Sat, Dec 13
Block Schedule
College Success Seminar Course
This course helps develop and reinforce the skills, abilities, and behaviors that promote academic and personal success.
Study Strategies
Community and Connections
Finding Direction
Join us for Convocation Fall 2014
Monday, September 8 11:00 a.m.
Events Building
Your road to success begins now!
Fri: 10am-2pm
When classes start, don't forget to:

* check your student CCC email
* make an appointment with your assigned advisor to confirm your Education/Transfer Plan

p. 46
You are required to answer the questions thoroughly and to the best of your ability. If you rush through the questions and/or place the same answer for all the questions, your assessment will be rendered invalid and not available for course placement.
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