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East of Eden Family Tree

No description

Megan Slabicki

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of East of Eden Family Tree

East of Eden Family Tree Megan Slabicki
Sera Passerini
Jen Sleeman Hamilton Family Other Characters Lee Abra Bacon Cathy Ames Tom Hamilton George Hamilton Will Hamilton Liza Hamilton Alice Trask Mrs. Trask Trask Family Her name was never learned, but she was the
first wife of Cyrus and the mother of Adam. It
was mentioned that at one point she contemplated
killing Adam. While her husband was in the war,
he slept with a black prostitute and when he came
back, he gave Mrs. Trask syphilis. Mrs. Trask
committed suicide by drowning herself when Adam
was very young. Alice was the second wife of Cyrus. She was
young at the time that she was married to
Cyrus and he impregnated her within two
weeks after their marriage. Alice gave birth to
Charles; however, she was always silent and
did nothing but housework. Alice favored
Charles and died from some unknown pain. Liza ran a tight ship around her house and raised nine kids with her husband, Samuel. Liza fed her children and made clothing for them on her own. Liza was a rather stable character and was always worrying about the well being of someone else. George was the oldest son of Samuel and Liza. George was not mentioned often in the novel; however, at the times that he was mentioned, he appeared to be rather boring. Will was the second son of Samuel and Liza. Will did rather well in the business world and Caleb came to Will for advice at the time that Caleb was planning on getting money for Aron to go to college. Aron asked Will to help him and Will offered to start a partnership with Aron because he knew that he could use the Trask family ranch to grow beans. Will had a keen interest in beans becuase he knew that the US was going to go into war and the price of beans was going to spike. Although Will had much success, he was kind of distanced from his family. Tom was the third son of Samuel and Liza. Tom was
sort of the opposite of his brother, Will. When his sister
Dessie was sick, he gave her salts that were supposed to help her get better; however, the salts ended up killing
her. Tom committed suicide because he felt so guilty about the death of his sister. Lee took care of the twins when Adam went into a
period of depression. Lee was from China and dreamed of opening his own bookstore, but when he got the chance to do so, Lee wanted to go back and work for Adam again because he loved the boys. Lee did everything around the house and was very smart and gave advice to Adam about almost everything. Although Lee was not a main character, he was rather important to the childhood of the twins. Abra lived in the same town as the Trask family and she
fell in love with Adam. Once Adam joined the church, she showed her interest for Caleb. Abra was very goodhearted but feared that her father's bad ways would wear off on her. Caleb was able to show her that her father's actions had nothing to do with her. Cathy is a very evil girl. From a young age, Cathy committed evil deeds. She killed her parents, ran away, manipulated a married man, and gained Adam Trask's trust. Cathy was near death when she showed up at Adam's house. Adam took Cathy in and helped her gain back her health. Cathy claimed that she could not remember anything, not even her name even though she did. Cathy married Adam and got pregnant, but she tried to give herself an abortion with a knitting needle. Once Cathy had the babies, she shot Adam in the arm, left him, and went to a whorehouse. Cathy changed her name to Kate and gained the ownership of the whorehouse. When Charles died,Cathy was entitled to $50,000 which Adam tried to give to her because Adam knew she was still alive. Caleb found out about Cathy and he eventually told Aron who went into the war and died. Cathy then committed suicide because of Aron. Cyrus Trask Cyrus was intrigued by wars and wanted his sons to be a part of the war. He had a sort of favoritism for Adam; however, Adam neglected to see that. Cyrus lost his leg when he was younger and always hated that he did. He made up stories about events that took place in the war to make himself seem like a hero. He died while he was working as someone high up in the war field and left both his sons his ranch and all of his money. Adam Trask Adam is the main character of the novel. Adam
had a tendency to fight with his brother Charles while they fought for the love of their father. Adam fell in love with Cathy; however, Adam could not see that Cathy was evil until she shot him in the arm and left him stranded with his two sons Caleb and Aron. Adam was a goodhearted man who struggled when it came to making the right decisions. Adam went through a dazing period in which he did not pay any attention to his own sons. Eventually Adam died, but he was surrounded by those whom he loved. Charles Trask Charles was rather violent and evil and was always jealous
of Adam because he believed that Cyrus loved Adam more than him. Unlike his brother, Charles did not join the army; he stayed at home with Alice and Cyrus while he took care of the ranch. Once Alice died from health complications, Cyrus moved to help the war effort while Charles tended to the ranch. When Adam came home from the war, he found out that Cyrus had left him and Charles over $100,000. Charles tried to convince Adam to stay at the ranch with him; however, Adam met Cathy, married her, and moved away from the ranch. Before leaving, Cathy slept with Charles while Adam was knocked out because Cathy had drugged him. A few years later, Adam wanted to contact his brother, but he found out that Charles had died from health problems. Aron Trask Aron was a very goodhearted kid and was very invested
in the church in order to attempt to protect himself from the evil of the world. Everyone loved Aron and his twin brother Caleb envied him. Caleb wanted to try to win his father's love by paying for Aron to go to college because Adam had lost most of his money in an incident involving ice cubes. Aron and Caleb were under the impression that their mother died; however, Caleb found out that she was a prostitute and he told Aron. Aron was so shocked that he joined that army and died in WWI. Caleb Trask Caleb constantly fought with himself about right and
wrong. Caleb believed that he was evil, but he wanted to do anything to change himself embodying the idea of timshel, the idea the one determines one's future instead of one's past determining one's future. For a while, Caleb kept the thought that Cathy was a prostitute to himself; however, he eventually told Aron which killed him in a sense. Caleb constantly feared that he would inherit his mother's evilness; however, at the end of the novel he overcomes his fear and determines his life is good, not evil. Mr, Edwards Mr. Edwards owned a chain of whorehouses. He was
a married man, but he fell in love with Cathy before she
ran and met Adam. Cathy signed up to be a prostitute, but Mr. Edwards bought her her own house and came to visit her without his wife knowing. Cathy started to steal from him and he realized it but he was too in love with her. Once Cathy changed the locks on the doors, he was angry with her and beat her. Cathy then went crawling and ended up at Adam's house on the verge of death. Faye Faye was the owner of the whorehouse to which Cathy
fled after she left Adam. Faye took a liking to Cathy and eventually asked Cathy to be her daughter. Cathy told Faye nothing about her past and was pleased when Faye told Cathy that if Faye were to die, Cathy would inherit the whorehouse. Cathy then slowly poisoned Faye and acted like she truly cared about her. Ethel Ethel was a prostitute who worked at the whorehouse that Cathy owned. Ethel said that she found evidence to prove that Cathy killed Faye and wanted $100 a month to stay silent, but she was later found to have drowned. Joe Valery Joe was an escaped convict who worked as a sort of bouncer at Cathy's whorehouse. Joe started to gain some influence around Cathy and before she committed suicide, she told police about Joe. Joe was shot by police. Samuel was a very pleasant character who had a very large family and worked on a farm. Samuel was and Irish man who could have been rich but decided that he did not want to be and he was very humble. When he learned of the death of his daughter Una, he was very upset and he changed a little bit. Samuel became friends with Adam and he was the one who was able to get Adam out of his trance after Cathy had left him. Whenever anyone ever needed any advice, they would go to Samuel and he would guide them; he even helped Adam name his sons. Samuel died in an unknown way as he was traveling the country visiting some of his many children with his wife. Many people went to Samuel's funeral because he was so loved. Samuel Trask Joe Hamilton Joe was the youngest son of Samuel and Liza. Joe attended Stanford university and moved east where he helped build the field of advertising. Lizzie Hamilton Lizzie was the oldest daughter of
Samuel and Liza. Lizzie was not really in the book. Unlike her other siblings, Lizzie chose to associate herself only with her husband's family and she had the ability to hate which her other siblings did not really have. Una Hamilton Una was the second oldest daughter of Samuel and Liza. Una married a man and moved to secluded location; however, Una died from unknown causes and he body was sent home to her family. The death of Una really upset Samuel. Dessie Hamilton Dessie was the third daughter of Samuel and Liza. Dessie owned a dress making shop in town and was not married. The salts that Tom gave her ended up killing her. Olive Hamilton Olive was the fourth daughter of Samuel and Liza. Olive became a teacher an got married. Her family was very proud of her and she had kids of her own. Olive is John Steinbeck's mother in book and in real life. John was only mentioned for a few pages in the book in which Adam went to visit Mrs. Hamilton who was living with Olive after Samuel had died. Mollie Hamilton Mollie was the youngest daughter of Samuel and Liza. Mollie was the pleasant child. She married a nice man and moved to an apartment in San Francisco.
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