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No description

Eleni Tsaftaridi

on 9 July 2011

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Transcript of asos.com

UK leading independent online fashion-beauty retailer
Launched in June 2000
CEO: Nick Robertson
Growth: 80% per year since 2000 Background Information Strategic Analysis Asos.com Existing competitors JP Boden and Co., Next, Marks and Spencers, New Look, Topshop. Other purely online retailers (yoox.co.uk, brandalley.co.uk) sells fashion items seen on celebrities
offers value to the customers
focuses on the shopping experience Successful designers (more than 400), such as: D&G, Boutique by Jaeger, Juicy Coutoure, Miu Miu, Prada, Paul Smith, Moschino, Vivienne Westwood
Focus on seasonability Mostly 16-34
Fashionable and internet-savvy
Convenient purchases
Fashion forward
Significantly lower prices
25-30% of its sales from customers based overseas (USA, France and Germany) 2010: 8-9% of Britain’s population shop online
Next 10 years: more than 20%
Threat by new entrants ebay.co.uk and amazon.co.uk
Asos can now compete with these websites after launching the “marketplace” -> customers can sell their wares Value Chain Cloud Services- SaaS Supply chain management product creation, purchase order management, supplier management, stock valuation, markdowns, promotions
multi-currency/ country capabilities Order fulfilment Web based & PAYG
Dynamic delivery options
Improve service levels Marketing Intelligence Clean database
Determine customer profiles
Better targeting
Customer retention E-mail Management Intelligently routes incoming emails
Automated responses
Availability of customer information
Ease of system integration Mobile Web Optimisation Opted for mobile platform rather than application
Streamline user experience
Mobile friendly
3% of visits to ASOS comes from mobile users
24,000 mobile orders Differentiation Partnership with Unipart Logistics
52,000 sqft warehouse
KPI: logistic function 50% of customers: 16-24 years old
Women wear 61%
Non-clothing women 20%
Menswear 17%
Beauty 2%
E-mails sent twice a week More comprehensive customer data
Ability to process queries more effectively
Real-time data visibility and integration with ASOS’ delivery management system
Improved delivery, return options and execution of promotional activities “90% of shoppers are more likely to shop from an online retailer if they are happy with the delivery” (Nick Robertson, CEO Asos) Delivery key aspect in Asos’ offer Human Resources Emphasis on:
software development and testing roles
project management
technical architecture
IT service delivery roles Procurement Depends on its IT infrastructure
Has its own in-house design team
Items are modelled on the company’s in-house catwalk
Adds tools to simplify the selection of a product more pleasant and more efficient.
Total Quality Management to develop quality of the product and services they offer Technology Retailers and banks put efforts to detect fraud
Provide safer methods of e-payment
Unsuitable content to be blocked Asos.com In-bound logistics Out-bound Logistics Marketing and Sales Service and Support Overview Background Information
Strategic Analysis
Value Chain
Cloud Services - SaaS
Mobile Web Optimisation Thank you for your attention Suppliers Customers New Market Entrants Substitute Products-Services Bejaoui Sarah
Comella Nicola
Fung Keeley
Gurpinar Saadet
Tsaftaridi Elena
Tsiripidou Christina MSc Digital Marketing
Information System Strategy MANG6040
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