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Hyper-sexualization, Capitalism and Cultural Appropriation:

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Deonna Smith

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of Hyper-sexualization, Capitalism and Cultural Appropriation:

-Find an "Other" culture

- Oppress it to ensure internalized inferiority

- Appropriate your own, and often incorrect, interpretation of any and all "redeeming" or interesting qualities/aspects/practices as a means of entertainment (hip hop), self-expression (twerking) or pseudo-individuality (clothing)

- Our capitalist society tells us ANYTHING including women's bodies, human organs and cultures can be bought and sold for profit

-Through "authentic" tourist activities these cultures are readily accessible

-Often for women these cultures make you more unique and/or sexy and ultimately more desirable

- Most extreme example: sex-tourism in Southeast Asia

- "Other" women, are often seen as ambassadors of culture or the best means of accessing a culture

- The "Other" women is often fetishized or objectified; her exoticism is emphasized and lustworthy
Hyper-sexualization, Consumerism and Cultural Appropriation: The Triumvirate
When All Three Combine
- The culmination of all three is most often seen in advertisements where White women are hyper-sexualized and selling a product or lifestyle to the average women

-The message is "Be White, sexy and just exotic enough to be 'Other'"

- This is the final frontier of imperialism; where the culture itself is undesirable and "Othered", hypersexualized and its most appealing attributes are extracted like raw materials and sold
The current treatment of women in the media is dominated by three intersecting themes where cultures are oppressed and appropriated, hypersexualized, then commodified and sold to women for their consumption
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