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No description

Roxanne Grace Villanueva

on 13 December 2013

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Dorys and Cristeta Restaurant
Company Description
Dorys and Cristeta Restaurant will be located at 9033 Provincial Road City of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan. The owner is the above- mentioned couple Homer Thomas Bagunu Ramos and Maria Victoria Wong Ramos. The restaurant will serve a variety of Chinese Cuisine and some Filipino dishes and desserts.
Daily Operations and Productions
Management Controls
Administrative Systems
Financial Plan
Required Yearly Cost of Start-Up
Profit and Loss
Cash Flow
Balance Sheet
Financial Ratios
Hourly Labor Cost
Weekly Sales Projections
Restaurant Management System
Database for restaurant includes:

Dishes/meals and their components
POS Reporting
Inventory and Menu Management Systems
Reservations and Table Management
Labor Scheduling
Our Goal :
• Be able to create, access, and manipulate a database through MS Access and from an application.
• Work with a real DBMS – Acquire enough background .
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