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Delaware AM

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on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Delaware AM

Delaware AM
Economic Location

Historic Location
Geographic Location
Political Location
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Choice Location
Interesting Facts
Delaware's Economy
Delaware's History
Delaware's Geography
Delaware's Government
Road Trip Distance
Delaware Bay Canal

This is the Delaware Bay Canal. It is a economic location because lots of people fish

there to earn money. Delaware Bay Canal is a popular fishing spot. Delaware Bay Canal is in the middle of Delaware.
Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay is a historic location because Captain Samuel Argull was sailing the Chesapeake Bay when he found Delaware. Chesapeake Bay is the largest river that meets the ocean. Chesapeake Bay has a large amount of fish.
Captain Samuel Argull
Dover is the political location because it is the capital of Delaware and it is a great city to live in. Dover has a population of 885,122 people.Dover is a very welcoming city.
Seaside Retreat
We chose Seaside Retreat because it is a relaxing place in Delaware. You can see the wonderful views of Delaware.
At Seaside Retreat you can also go fishing in the big blue.
1. The first state
2. State bird blue hen chicken
3. State flower peach blossom
4. State tree american holly
5. More than half of Delaware's days sunny
6. Delaware is the last stop of the underground railroad
7. Delaware has 885,122 people
8. Farmland covers about half of Delaware
9. Delaware is the second smallest state in the USA
10. Delaware's state colors are blue and buff (orange)
Here are some things about the economy that we would like for you to know about. Delaware has many jobs. Now here are some of them.

5.Publishing books
This is a fishing business
This is a farming business
The East Coast
The East Coast of Delaware is a geographic location because that is where Delaware was discovered and made the first state. The main place in Delaware is Bowers Beach. Bowers Beach is about 42 to 103 degrees. That is HOT!
Today we just wanted you to know somethings about Delaware's geography that you might not know about. Like did you know that Delaware's longitude is 75 degrees west, and Delaware's latitude is 38 degrees north. Delaware is about 100 miles long and 30 miles wide. The land area of Delaware is about 1,955 square miles. Delaware's population is 885,122 people.
Delaware is on the Atlantic Ocean and is within a 2 hour drive of Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Baltimore.
Jack Markell is the elected Governor of the first state in the United States of America. Education is one of Jack Markell's top priorities. He was born in Newark, Delaware. He begin his career in technology, mostly cell phones. The state building for the government is called Legislative Hall located in Dover.
The First Lady Carla Markell and the Governor had been married 22 years.
Jack Markell was sworn into office
January 20, 2009
Delaware became a state on December 7, 1787.
The state and the indians both get their name
from the the Delaware river. It is also called
"Small Wonder" because of Delaware's natural
beauty. Once Thomas Jefferson called Delaware
a diamond, so it is also called the Diamond State.
If you live in the state you are a Delawarean.

When the United States redesigned
the coins, it was the first on to be released.

This is a phyiscal map of Delaware. A phyiscal map
shows mountains, rivers, lakes,
This is a road map
of Delaware. It shows major highways and minor roads.
This is a climate map of Delaware.
It shows the weather in a certain spot.
This is a economic/resource map of Delaware.This map shows the jobs/money in a certain place.
1. Sea Side Retreat, Bethany Beach Delaware to Dover is 55 miles.
2. Dover to Delaware Bay Canal is 30 miles.
3. Delaware Bay Canal to Chesapeake Bay is 5 miles.
4. Chesapeake Bay to Bowers Beach is 40 miles.
5. Bowers Beach to WCE is 1,750 miles.

The total road trip distance is 1,880 miles.
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