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Leaders Important to Me


Sejal Kumar

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Leaders Important to Me

Leaders Important to Me Sejal My Parents Outcomes of Leadership My Teachers My Friends Outcomes of Leadership They may not know it, but my parents have always been the most important leaders in my life. They are excellent role models and have made me who I am today. My friends are really fun and can do some strange things, but sometimes they do things that makes me realize they are in fact amazing leaders. They may stand up to someone being rude or try to make an upset person feel better, helping me notice their leadership. Positive Outcomes:
I learn a lot from my friends, if I don't understand a concept from a teacher my friends are always there to help. Their leadership styles are very relaxed and I enjoy spending time with leaders like them. They have participative and charismatic leadership styles.

Negative Outcomes:
My friends often end up off topic and their leadership styles end up being not efficient at all. However, this is because they are not in a legitimate position of leadership, and should not be judged. I have always admired my teachers' many virtues and skills such as patience and confidence. Teachers are constantly looked up to and I've always thought they are the most obvious leaders in our societies. Positive Outcomes:
All of my teachers have a more relaxed type of leadership but can also be described as transactional (because of marks) and transformational due to high levels of communication. They are excellent at communication, increasing efficiency and their transactions with marks work well too (as motivators).

Negative Outcomes:
Teachers generally don't have negative outcomes, but the only possible negative outcome is miscommunication but that is extremely rare.
Who are the Leaders in my Life? Before Leadership started, I never thought of anyone except famous people who changed the world as leaders, but now I am aware of leaders that are always around me. The End Outcomes of Leadership Positive outcomes:
My parents are very strict, and I believe that is an extremely efficient leadership type in this case. The dictatorship works and they are very good with close supervision.

Negative Outcomes:
Sometimes, communication can be an issue with my parents, either if they don't understand why and if they just disagree. It's had to find a balance or agreement because the conclusion is always what they want. There is no true discussion.
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