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A camparision of pizzas

Daniel Szelepcsenyi

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Pizza

. Mr. Mozzarella Za Za Za Domino's

Domino's pizza has order services and you can eat there, but usually there aren't seets. Za Za Za only serves if you go to the resturaunt. Mr. Mozzarella you can order and eat there. Ordering By:Daniel Luke and Colwyn

We are talking about... Service Za Za Za Za Za Za has fast service. So about
20min with 15 people there. Domino's Domino's Pizza normaly takes along time to get to your house. So about 20-30min to get to your house if you're about 1km away from the resturaunt. Mr. Mozzarella Mr. Mozzarella has good service.
To order at the resturaunt, about
20min. And when you order from
your house, about 40min if you're
9.5km away from the restrant PEN PROJECT Food Za Za Za Domino's Mr. Mozzarella Macoroni Pizza, Peporoni, All Dressed and Plain Cheese etc.
Also Za Za Za has thin whole wheat crust on most pizzas
and not whole wheat on others. Also subsitution is allowed
on the pizza toppings. And you can take away toppings on the pizza.
All pizzas are the same size. So the size is about half way between a large and medium pizza from domino's. Domino's has: Original Hand Tossed, Crunchy
Thin Crust, Handmade Pan, Gluten Free Crust
ExtravaganZZa, MeatZZa, Deluxe, BBQ Chicken Feast
Pepporoni Feast, Veggie And Hawaiian Pizza Mr. Mozzarella serveres alot of thick cheese on the cheese pizza.
Pepporoni pizza, hot sauced pepporoni, and spicy pepper pizza. Cost Za Za Za Domino's Mr. Mozzarella $12.00-$13.00
per 1 pizza. $11.49 per small pizza
$17.99 per medium pizza
$21.99 per large pizza
$25.99 per X-large pizza About $20 per large pizza.
And $15 per medium pizza.
And $10 per small pizza Domino's Domino's ExtravaganZZa Za Za Za's maccoroni pizza Pepporoni Pizza from Mr. Mozzerella $8.00 per small pizza
$16.00 per medium pizza
$28.00 per large pizza HETAY NDEAY P.S. Luke thinks Za Za Za has the best pizzas.
Daniel thinks Domino's also is the best.
Colwyn thinks Mr. Mozzerella is the best. IGPAY ATINLAY ... As you could guess Pizza!!
We chose that subject because
we all were interested in pizza. The End Za Za Za by Luke 143 Putman Avenue
Domino's by Daniel Unkown Location
Mr. Mozzarella by Colwyn 1 Tartan Dr. P.G.L PRESENTS.......... Luke would like his combination of stuff on the 3 pizzas: Za Za Za crust
Mr.Mozzarella toppings and Domino's cheese.

Daniel's would be: Za Za Za Cheese, Mr.Mozzarella's Crust and Domino's toppings.

Colwyn's would be:
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