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Fashion Movement

No description

Paige Dukowitz

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Fashion Movement

Fashion Movement
Trickle Down
Trickle Up
Trickle up fashion movement begins with people who are typically in the lower social class. These trend-starters are typically young individuals who rebel against societal norms.
This theory of movement has been widely affecting fashion since the "hippie" movement of the 1960's.
Most recently designers have been drawing inspiration from urban youth and hip-hop styles.

Fashion Movement
What is Fashion Movement?
Fashion Movement
Trickle Down
Trickle down although important, is often being looked at as irrelevant due to societies new-found access to information and products. High end and luxury brands are no longer exclusive to one clientele - they are available to all.
Trickle Up
The "flow" of fashion is what we commonly perceive as fashion movement.
There are three distinct "flows" in which the fashion industry thrives.
These flows are known as how fashion is adopted in our culture and society.

Fashion Movement
The first theory of fashion movement is known as Trickle Down, or downward flow.
Trickle Down
Fashion Movement
Trickle Down

The trickle down theory is the oldest fashion theory. It focuses on the adoption of fashion from the top of the social pyramid, that is later adopted by the lower social classes.
One of the most obvious examples of trickle down fashion, are designer brands and their knockoffs.

Trickle Across
Horizontal Flow
In this theory of fashion movement, the flow works across groups rather than up or down.
Lifestyle, income, education, and age are important factors for determining acceptance of products.
In this trend, adoption among all groups tends to be simultaneous, as designers introduce both luxury and low end items of the same style.
Trickle Across
In trickle across theory the rate of acceptance is fast.
A good example of trickle across fashion items are things that are somewhat like staples in a wardrobe.

Here we see boyfriend jeans, an item that has been quickly spread and adopted throughout different markets.
Due to a lack of sourcing on trend adoption, it is hard to determine if trickle up movement is adopted quickly or slowly.
Trickle Up
1. Introduction

2. Rise

3. Culmination

4. Decline

5. Obsolesence
Fashion cycles are the way in which fashion moves
Women's swimsuits in History





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