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This is going to be a

No description

Mr J Daykin

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of This is going to be a

This is going to be a
prezi about the ancient romans
Well,what language do you think they speak?That's Right!they do speak latin if you got that right.Because..actually I am not quite sure why they speak latin but can you understand latin? look at this photo and see if you can understand it.
Roman clothes
Roman house
The barbarians
The barbarians were very mean people they decided to take over rome and own it because they planned to fight the
roman and take over rome they were really mean they had killed all of the romans that lived in rome.Would you visit rome?
The roman uniform was very unique and important to the romans because thy needed it for their wars they would die if they didn't wear it because the barbarians would kill them because they are really mean.{the barbarians not the romans}We are going to watch a roman invasion to britan.
where do you think roman's are from?
I think roman's are from rome.Rome is a massive place for near enough everyone to stay.would you stay?Rome has lots of stuff that still belonged to people that used to live there you know the people that used to fight the wars.Look at this picture below to see how big rome was.
Where are romans from
what language do you think they speak?
The roman clothes were sort of like the greek clothes they wore coths.But for the men they were called saris and for the women they were called dresses and then for the children they called them just clothes.
roman houses were very big
but that was only for the rich people
the poor people had very small houses
or they would get a job at the rich people's houses.So they would be healthy have money so they could have there own house.
The roman uniform
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