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Year 6 SAT's Workshop

No description

Bate Neil

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Year 6 SAT's Workshop

Year 6 SATs Workshop
How will we support your child?
How will we support your child?
•  Revision practice – children have already started to have revision style questions for homework and are working
on practice questions in the classroom.
•  Booster classes – target children to receive extra sessions in maths and/ or literacy as a boost to their literacy and maths lessons.
•  Supporting each other – lots of paired and group work to look at sample questions and revise together.
• The internet – there are many websites that provide revision
activities and past papers to practice.
Below are some of the websites and activities that the children
might now be familiar with..
ANY QUESTIONS??!!!.............


What are SATs?
Small changes this year
No calculator paper in numeracy
3 pieces of reading material.
L3, L4 then L5 all in one hour...

Pace of reading and understanding of what the children have understood from characters' view points and reasoning behind events and choices will be key.
Mock SATs
The children will have a ‘mock’ SAT’s week in
the week beginning
Monday th March.

This is to let them rehearse how the real
SAT’s week will go and will also give us a
chance to find where their ‘gaps’ are to work
on after the Easter holidays.
We will be using the 2013 papers for this,so please do not use these papers at home if you are revising with your child!

This year the SATs will take place in the
week beginning Monday 11th May.

The intention is for the tests to be administered in the
most relaxed way as possible.
Children will sit in test conditions, however we intend to
provide breakfast each morning and highly encourage you to bring your child in earlier to help settle early nerves.
Things to remember….
• Teacher assessments are still used during the
summer term and these levels will be reported,
along with the SAT’s level.

• High schools come into school late May, June to ask
about children and levels, therefore the children's
sets/ groups will have been established long
before the SAT’s results are produced.

• Even if your child has a really bad day in the
tests it will not affect the group they are placed in
at high school!
SATs stands for;
Statutory Assessment Tests.
The tests are carried out by all children in Year 6 across the country
in the same week in May.

Tests are given in
Maths and English
, (Science is teacher assessed but they.)

This year, writing is teacher assessed, and the new
Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation test will continue to run for
levels 3-5.
The expectation is that at the end of year 6, children will achieve a
Level 4 nationwide
Levels awarded in SAT’s are either a level 3,4 or 5.
No sub levels are awarded e.g. c,b,a as they will appear in the
teacher assessments.
So what do the SATs look like?

Now it's your turn to have a look and try out
some of the sample questions…..
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