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Case Study of TE & TPD in Singapura

No description

Koboul Mansour

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Case Study of TE & TPD in Singapura

Get to know Singapore
Education system
Yet, HOW? Watch first then I will tell you
Case Study of TE & TPD in Singapura
Desired Outcomes of Education
By Koboul Mansour
Your Tour Package includes
Brief about the Lion City
Education system in general
Teacher education
How student teachers are prepared
Recruitment & Induction
Professional Development
Challenges faced in the Reform Process

Founded as a British colony in 1819

In 1965..Gained independence from Malaysia

Population in 2011 reached 5.18 million

Official language is English

Mother Tongue Languages

To Ask Questions
Look For Answers
-Confident Individuals
-Self directed learners
-Active contributors
-Concerned citizens
2 intakes a year (January for all prog, July for Post Grad.
Teachers & Educators are the water needed for Nurtured Generations
From survival-Driven Ed in 1965 to Efficiency-Driven Ed (1978-1997)
Thinking Schools, Learning Nation (1997)
NIE:The Sole TE Institute
Established in 1991
Admission is highly competitive
Academic Performance
Educational Background
Those who meet the criteria...
When Accepted...
Immediately posted as contract teachers at schools (based on vacancies)
Full salary up to 2 years
Benefits (retirement-health care)
Tuition fees are fully covered
Provided funds to buy books & laptops
In return complete 3-5 year bond service with MOE
In case of dropping out, MOE must be repaid
BA, BSc in Education
4-7 academic years
4-6 academic years
All Student Teachers study
Education Studies
Academic Studies or Subject Knowledge
Curriculum studies
Student Evaluations
Final meeting chaired by principal, SCM, NIE supervisors based on the summative report by CTs
In-service Appraisal
Enhanced Performance Management System (2001)
Performace & Competency based
Investiture Ceremony
4 core in-service courses in 1st 2 years
Assigned buddy, mentor & supervisor
Professional Development
100 hours paid PD Annually
2004, NIE developed PD Continuum Model
MOE developed Edu-Pac
Founded in 1964
Includes 12 000 teachers
"Stay with a GAP for a while"
10%-15% of Annual National Budget
$ 10.6 million in 2012
From 30.83 in 1980 to 17.44 as of 2009 (Primary)
From 17.88 in 1991 to 14.91 in 2009 (Secondary)
73% of teachers are females
64% of principals are females
Special Education
5% of the entire student population
$55 million a year
20 primary and 30 secondary schools
In 2004, Training in Special Needs (TSN) policy initiative, 10% of teachers in general education schools
Vocational & Technical Education
Institute of Technical Education (1992)

70% Practical, 30% theory
Inspirational Survival, Success Story
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qualitative assessment of the improved national institute of education–school partnership model in Singapore. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 30(2), 197-206.
How much of the National Budget is spent on Education?
Take a Guess
Processed by MOE
principals + NIE Faculty
Look at the IMpossible as I'M Possible
Build up People, Construct Nations

Toa chie
Terima Kasih

Why do you think secondary graduates rush to the Teaching Profession in Singapore?
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