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Is the Cloud Ready for Business?

Cloud Computing Business View

Gary Gould

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Is the Cloud Ready for Business?

Agenda 1. Mythbusting
2. Clarifying the Cloud
3. Cloud Builder
4. Cloud Killer Apps
5. Cloud Powered Business
6. The Small Business Cloud
7. Key Takeaways IaaS - Infrastructure PaaS - Plattform SaaS - Software On-Demand Software or "Cloudware"
Standardized, Industrial Srength
Not tied to a specific device
Subscription Based Cloud Powered Business Agenda & Mythbusting Ready? Cloud Killer Apps Small Business Cloud Key Takeaways Resources Clarifying Cloud Cloud Builder
Elastic IT resources that are abstracted
from an underlying ‘virtualized’ infrastructure
which can be used on-demand, at scale in a
multi-tenant environment. Cloud Computing Basically the kit that makes Cloud work Cloud Services IT resources, software development
platforms and applications delivered
as a service through the internet, on-demand, at
scale and on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. Basically the services that Cloud delivers Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Clouds Best of Both Worlds
Retain IT Investment
Use Public Scale General Service Provider Offer
Off Premise
IT Assets Owned By Service Provider
Public Network Infrastructure Single Organisation
Ownership of IT Assets
DIY In-house and/or Outsourced
Usually On-Premise, Private Network Application Design, Dev & Test
Deploy & Host
Easy Integration, UI and Creation Tools IT on Demand
Build Your Own Virtual Data Centre
Virtualised Resources
Scalability Enabling Cloud Infrastructure Enabling Point Product Technology
Multi-Tenant IT Architecture
Service Delivery Platforms
Orchestration 2. Virtualization IT & Network Convergence
<Capex <Opex
Faster Deployment 1. Chasing the Core IT Assets are not Innovative
Faster Value Chain Discontinuity
Re-purposing Resources on the Core 3. Social Web 4. Anywhere Revolution 5. Mass Collaboration Digital Lifestyling
Ideas & Experiences in Real Time
Everyone has a Share of Voice Common Digital Network
Broadband Demand
Wireless Ubiquity Horizontal Networks
Radical Transparency
Collaborative Innovation Delivery Model Advantages Power in the Network, Not the Device
Service Access is Ubiquitous
Instant Response to Requirements
Back-Up & Disaster Recovery Built In
Commercial Advantages Scalability & Flexibility
Subscription (with Free Trial)
Always Up-to-Date
Reduced Lock-In
Reduced Hardware Challenges Always Online?
Organisation Inertia SMB Advantages Offboard IT Assets and Resources
Shift to OPEX and Service
No Unexpected Costs
Industrial Strength Capability
Unlimited Capacity
It's Easy! Cloud Adoption 80% of SMBs Already Using Cloud Services
Half of IT Spend on Cloud in Next 2 years
First Wave: Web Conferencing, Hosting and Storage
Second Wave: Voice, Security and Office Apps No More IT Bob! Cloud is already mainstream. Cloud has compelling business advantages. Cloud is for everyone, just not for everything.... ....at least not until 2023!
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